Morris Scullin
Morris Scullin
Born 22 February, 2277
Birth Place Kasaema, Pilgon, Kundrati Union
Died n/a
Political Party Kundrati Liberal Democrats
State Party Positions Governor of Pilgon
Previous Federal Party Positions Deputy Leader, Shadow Finance Minister, Consul of Kundrati
Time as Governor of Pilgon 2335-2351
Time as Consul of Kundrati 2332-2335
Time as Party Leader 2323-2335
Time as Deputy Leader 2317-2323
Time as Shadow Finance Minister 2317-2335
Constituency Kasaema
Years in the Kundrati Senate 2317-2335 (senator for Pilgon)

Morris Scullin is the Deputy leader of the Kundrati Liberal Democrats, A former Industry head and also former representative for the Kundrati National Chamber of Commerce and President. However this Deputy leader has also had his fair share of controversy with his bitter dispute with leader Admiral Lord Gregorov Celeske III, hoever this dispute has been known by party sources to be rectified

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Morris began his politically career

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