National Chamber of Commerce
Chambre Nationale de Commerce
Formed Jan. 4361
Jurisdiction Stock exchange,
market data,
economic coordination,
economic representation,
Headquarters [[]], Pesançon, Numineux, Kanjor
Employees 4,600 (4361)
Annual budget ₭3 billion (Est.)
executives Frédéric Clovis Pillet,
Acting Chairman
Consul of Kanjor Georges Rémi Guichard (UHD),
Honorary Chairman

The National Chamber of Commerce (Can.: Chambre Nationale de Commerce, abbreviated to CNC) of Kanjor is a major global investment company and free market lobbyist organization in the nation. It was chartered by President of Federal Republic of Kanjor Georges Rémi Guichard (UHD) in January 4361 through the Establishing the National Chamber of Commerce Act.

Both the Consul of Kanjor and the Minister of Finance hold seats on the Executive Board of the CNC. Likewise, a percentage of the CNC's seats are held by officials appointed by the Ministry of Finance and approved by the Senate in accordance with the percentage of GDP held by the Gouvernement.


The CNC serves as the coordinating organization of the economy, an economic adviser, and investment fund to the Kanjorien government, receiving an initial grant of ₭3 billion at its foundation.

The core responsibilities of the CNC are to:

  • Increase communications between the government and the private economy;
  • Assist the government in managing the private economy;
  • Participate in political consultation of national policies and strategies in politics, economy and social affairs;
  • Help its members in technological innovation, management and culture for increased competitiveness and in achieving sustainable development;
  • Lobbying by representing its members and to extend their proposals and requirements to government;
  • Provide members with services in training, financing, technology, legal consultation and information, and to resolve the difficulties and problems they are facing;
  • Build closer relationships with foreign commercial and industrial entities;
  • Help members to go overseas for business opportunities and contribute to Kanjorien economic development.

Early impactEdit

In early 4361, the CNC had purchased a 16.5% minority share of Kanjor Aeronautics and through market research had pushed through a rebranding and refocusing of the the underperforming aviation corporation.

In early December of 4361, the CNC was approached by Valruzian aviation giant Reglair and the minority share was sold for an estimated KRP ₭1.8 billion, a nearly one-third increase in stock value.


The agency is structured into the following departments:

  • General Office
  • Department of Research
  • Department of Membership
  • Department of Publicity and Education
  • Department of Economic Service
  • Department of International Liaison
  • Department of Legal Affairs
  • Department of Human Resources


Since November 4362, the CNC has been led by Chairman Frédéric Clovis Pillet who is also chairman of the National Development and Investment Commission of the Kanjorien government, vice chairman of the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprise Associations, a ranking board member of the National Holding Corporation, and a national economic advisor to the Consul of Kanjor.

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