The National symbols of Kundrati are the symbols that are used in the Kundrati Union and throughout Terra to represent the country, its government and its people. Most prominently, the use of the eagle as a Kundrati symbol dates back to the formation of the modern Kundrati state and is depicted on the current flag, as well as the national currency, the Kuno.


Was previously Meliora is a Kundrati word meaning "better". It is the motto of the Kundrati Union and is used in this context to mean "better things", "always better", or, more fully, "for the pursuit of the better". Since the fall of the Communist regime the motto has been changed to Justice and Unity. Kundrati once again changed its motto with the ushering in of the King Mike of Kenmore. Kundrati's national motto is now "Traditio et Ratio" [Tradition and Reason]. This motto has been a headlining slogan of the conservative movement in the Kundrati Union.


Kundrati flag

Flag of Kundrati

With the reestablishment of the monarchy, the legislative assembly has entered into talks about the future look of the Kundratian flag.



National Anthem of Kundrati
Onward, children of Kundrati

The revolution has arrived
We stand against tyranny
As the workers' banner is raised
As the workers' banner is raised
Do you hear, in the mountains
The workers singing
They toil together toward the future
Together, in solidarity
Arise! Kundrati Union!
Raise up your voices!
March, march, until the blood of class war disappears into the earth


The national animal of Kundrati is the Chimera.


Taekwondo is the national sport of Kundrati.

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