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Population 17.857.973 (est. 2316)

Nicoma was a region of the Royal Union of Quanzar, and represented the Southern part of the Alarian isle, today the region is known as Sarregna.

History History of Istalia | Quanzar | Deltarian-Quanzari Conflict | Qolshamih | Sokyill | Lepprios
Geography Alaria: Kisuwali, Nicoma | Sarrentina Peninsula: Therak, Pheykran, Ingris
Government House of Quanzar | Order of the Golden Crown | Rhodesian Front | Political Parties | Hessexian Royalists | Flags of Quanzar | House of Hessex
Demographics Istalians | Israist Ahmadism | Theognosian Church
Language Alarian | Therakan | Istalian | Majatran | Luthorian

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