Nikolay I of Trigunia
Nikolay Romanov
Emperor of Trigunia
Reign 17 February, 4192 - February, 4215
Predecessor Kirill I
Head of House Romanov
Reign 18 June, 4168 - February, 4215
Predecessor Kirill I
Prince of Petrograd
Reign 25 December, 4183 - February, 4215
8th President of the Republic of Trigunia
Took Office 1 January, 4181
Left Office 1 January, 4189
2nd Chairman of the State Council of the Trigunian Republic
Took Office 1 January, 4149
Left Office 1 January, 4181
4th Chairman of the State Council of the Trigunian Republic
Took Office 1 January, 4189
Left Office Incumbent
Full Name Nikolay Kirillovich Romanov
Formal Title(s) Head of House Romanov and Prince of Petrograd
Date of Birth 3 March, 4140 (aged 44)
Father Kirill I
Mother Aleksandra I
Consort Yulia Mikhailovna Romanova (born Bobrovskaya)
Imperial Dynasty House of Romanov

Nikolay Kirillovich Romanov I (Rodshya: Николай Кириллович Романов I) (b. 4140) is the Prince of Petrograd and Chairman of the State Council of the Trigunian Republic. He is a prominent politician and statesman and claimant to the throne of the Trigunian Empire. He has also served as President of the Trigunian Republic.

Born in Petrograd, at the Imperial Residence on Aleksandrovskiy Prospekt. He was home tutored by the best scholars and professors in Trigunia, as well as excellent military officers. He gained encyclopedic knowledge, and was the perfect heir, however, the abolishment of the monarchy changed everything. He joined the Konstitutsionno-Demokraticheskaya Partia, and was elected Chancellor. Under him the Kadets experienced a great transformation and was renamed to the People's Democratic Party. He was Chairman of the State Council for a long period of his political career, until in 4181 he was elected President of the Trigunian Republic, and during his terms, subtle returns to the monarchy began, including the creation of the Principality of Petrograd.

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