Nuncirist-Totalitarian Party of Kirlawa
Leader Deus
Founded 25th December 2301
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Deus Centre, Deusiri, Nuchtmark
Nation Kirlawa
Ideology Nuncirism
Political Position Totalitarian
International Affiliations None
Colours 000000
Website www.nuncirists.kl

The Nuncirist-Totalitarian Party of Kirlawa are a minor Kirlawan party. The party is the biggest non-federal party in the nation, with a total of 36 MPAs at the time of writing (2324) along with many local councillors including control of three councils. The party is based on the principles of Nuncirism and follows a strict Nuncirist doctrine. The ceremonial party leader is Deus, Emperor of Solentia, with Zack Nuncfollow performing the day-to-day operation of the party.


The NTPK was formed in late 2301, following the collapse of the Democratic Party of Kirlawa. Although the party was initially comprised of Gartonists, the hard-line Inner Party-linked Circle 0 (Kirlawa) faction took over the leadership in 2303 and have ruled ever since. The party has never been able to run for federal election, but has had varying success in provincial elections. In the first contested provincial elections, the party became the largest party and government leader in Nuchtmark (thanks to a coalition with provincial wings of the Kirlawa Far Right National Fascist Front, and in 2304 they became junior coalition partners in the provincial governments of Dirlana and Dirguzia. The party lost government in the latter provinces in 2307, but continued to win seats in all provincial assemblies in Kirlawa, but continued to rule until 2314 when the party wing in Nuchtmark resigned from their coalition with the Nuchtmark New Right after the NTPK fell to second-largest party status and the NNR in response went into coalition with the Catholic Union of Nuchtmark. The party went into a decline after this and has never held government provincially since.

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