One Nation Conservative Party
Leader Thomas Crowmarsh-Gifford
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Headquarters  ???
Nation Pontesi
Ideology Conservative
Political Position Right
International Affiliations  ???
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The One Nation Conservative Party is a conservative political party in Pontesi. It was founded in 2153, making it the oldest continually-running Pontesian political party. It advocates conservative Christian values and low tax. Its strongest base is among upper-middle-class and rural-religious citizens.

The party is renowned for its history of imperial expansion and has acted as the lead party in much of the colonial activity undertaken by the Pontesian Dynastic Commonwealth and later, the Pontesian Dynastic Empire.

Notable Politicians Edit

Lord Guardian James Bygsmy-Smythe LGCT

A legend of the ONCP who dominated Pontesian Commonwealth politics for a generation. Was responsible for staking Pontesi's claim on Tadraki and subsequently annexing and settling of those lands from the Jewish Homeland of Beitenyu. Tadraki is now partitioned into the Pontesian Protectorates of Tadraki. Was made the first Lord Guardian of Pontesi.

The Duke of Mainulay, Lord Guardian Archibald Fotheringhay LGCT

Dominated Pontesian colonial affairs in the 2770s when, as Grand Vizier General of the Dynastic Pontesian Empire, he established a Protectorate over Las Republicos De Gaduridos. The country had been governed by a repressive military junta for over two decades and thousands of Pontesian expatriates had been oppressed. Fotheringhay became President of the Protectorate before altering the constitution to install Percy Scott as Viceroy.

Baron Percy Scott of Marlowe (KC)

Appointed as Viceroy of the Pontesian Protectorate of Gaduridos by Archibald Fotheringhay. Recieved a Knighthood and the Baroncy of Marlowe in recognition of his political and diplomatic efforts during the 20 years of the Protectorate.

Thomas Matthew Barnes

Established the Imperial East Terra Company in 2839 and elected by its shareholders to the Office of Chief Factor (Chief Executive). Established offices in Gaduridos during a period of great unrest and political instability after the banana republic government declared itself bankrupt and its politicans fled the country. Established a Company Protectorate over the newly titled Loyal Kingdom of Gaduridos and Fotheringhay and made great progress towards establishing Gaduridos as a regional power. Despite pledging allegiance to Emperor William II of Pontesi, the Company was not welcomed by the Reformist Government of Pontesi. It was not until 15 years after the establishment of the protectorate that the Pontesian government officially recognised the Company's Royal Charter. Barnes oversaw a transformation in Gaduridos' econonomy - more than quadrupling GDP in the first 15 years, vastly improving living conditions and building up a large armed force to establish regional stability.

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