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Useful TemplatesEdit


Here are my stub templates, feel free to use or tweak.




Nation/Party TemplatesEdit

Note: Do NOT change the templates in any way. If you need help starting your party page/using the template, see the Help:Contents section for a list of people willing to help. If you want to make modifications for your own party or template, just copy and paste into a new page and make your own adjustments.

{{Infobox Political Party}}

Awesome ArticlesEdit

{{awesome|Caption}} When we get ourselves sorted out with a front page, we may have our own featured articles. Therefore, we need to know what you perceive as awesome.

Awesome A user has labelled this article as awesome. See the discussion in the talk page to give the author(s) a pat on the back or disagree.

"Dude, I shouldn't have eaten that pin cushion and seven vindaloos..."

Most Wanted PagesEdit

These are the pages most wanted. Please feel free to add pages you'd like to see created, and remove those you've made. Any spare moments could be used to create a page, even if they only contain elementary information initially, and would be greatly appreciated.

It would be beneficial to have certain pages for every nation, to provide the most detailed information. These include a:

  • Politics of (nation)
  • Geography of (nation)
  • History of (nation)


The collaborations highlights pages which the community has decided to make a cooperative effort to improve. If you have can help update/improve these pages, your help would be sincerely appreciated and if you have any suggestions for pages which should be added- contact an administrator.

Current CollaborationsEdit

The current set of collaborations was should be considered 'interim' and was set on the 15th February 2017.


Political partiesEdit




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