People's Progressive Party
Leader Ted Cooper VI
Founded 2311
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Dargun, Mothar
Nation Dorvik
Ideology Progressive Civil Rights
Political Position Far Left
International Affiliations North Artanian Leftist-Moderate Unity Coalition
World Economic Council
Colours Green

Founded in 2311, the People's Progressive Party (originally People for Dorvik) is a political party in the Free Republic of Dorvik. It has a leadership position in the Dargun Conference for Moderate and Leftist Unity.

Currently Edit

The PPP holds 146 seats in the Directorate.

The PPP is currently furiously feuding with the GDP for power in the Directorate.

Notable Members Edit

Ted Cooper VII - Distinguished environmentalist

Rich Lord - Candidate for the presidency

Research Edit

The PPP is currently researching the ever-changing Political Opinions of Dorvik in an attempt to discover what affects them.

History Edit

Foundation Edit

In 2311, the PPP (then-called the People for Dorvik) entered the Dorvish political scene with the Social Alternative in power. Ted Cooper, Sr. was the leader of the PPP, and elected as the party's presidential candidate. The first few years were tough, but set the groundwork for the party.


The PPP was invited to join the DCMLU in 2320 after showing large support for the other DCMLU parties. The coalition's government would stay in power until 2340, when the Socialistic Left was removed from office by the voters.

2340 Disbandment Edit

Frustrated with the collapse of the coalition government, the People's Progressive Party decided to disband. It marked the start of many hard years for the leftist-moderate movement in Dorvik.

Revival Edit

In 2473, over 130 years since the disbandment of the original party, the People's Progressive Party re-entered politics and began campaigning once more. It was reformed under new party leader Ted Cooper IV, great-grandson of the original founder. In just a few short years, the PPP returned to power in Dorvik.

Presidency Edit

The 2476 election marked the first time that a candidate from the PPP has been elected as head of state in Dorvik. It was the first of four presidential election wins in party history. It was also a sign that the PPP was back to full strength and more powerful than ever.

Leadership Change Edit

For the first time ever, in 2498 the leader and presidential candidate did not have a last name of Cooper. Rich Lord replaced the retired Cooper VI as the party's presidential candidate, while Tom Landry became the party leader. Landry was close friends with the Cooper family, and Lord was a loyal, charismatic and intelligent politician.

Presidents Edit

Ted Cooper (unrelated to Ted Cooper, Sr.) - 2476

Ted Cooper IV - 2479, 2485

Ted Cooper VI - 2495

Leaders Edit

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