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In Dorvik, as per the constitution there is a multi-party system. Dorvik has had a prominent multi-party system that has existed since the popular revolution in 2000. The system however has been interrupted from time to time but has remained at the core of the nation. The State Elections Commission is responsible for the management of the multi-party system in Dorvik, a very independent agency of the Government of Dorvik, it remains a powerful bastion of democratic values.

Active Political PartiesEdit

Alliance Logo Name Abbr. Ideology Seats
Movement for the republic11

Movement for the Republic
Conservative Union
Konservative Union
KU Nationalism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Isolationism 157
Logomakr 7PArFu
Pragmatic Centrist Party
Pragmatische Zentristische Partei
PZP Centrism, Regulatory Capitalism, Artaniansceptisism 92

Unaffiliated Miscellaneous Centre
Fortschritt Logo Crop
F Classical-Liberalism, Libertarianism, Centrism, Big-Tent, Artaniansceptisism 128
Forwards Republic!
Vorwärts Republik!
VR! Conservative Liberalism, Market liberalism, Pro-Artanianism 84

Unaffiliated Miscellaneous Right
Croped DKF
Dorvish Conservative Faction
Nationalliberale Partei
DKF Conservatism, Nationalism 44

Major historical partiesEdit

Electoral AlliancesEdit

Regional and minor political parties and organizationsEdit

Historical political partiesEdit

Party ComparisonsEdit

Issues Conservative Union Progress Pragmatic Centrist Party Forwards Republic! Dorvish Conservative Faction National Awakening Party Liberal Party of Dorvik
Abortion Restrictions Yes Partial Partial No Yes No No
National Service Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No
Immigration Restrictions Yes Yes Yes Partial Yes Yes No
Capital Punishment Yes Yes No No Yes No No
Drug Liberalization No Yes Partial Yes TBD No Yes
Nuclear Weaponry Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Biological Weaponry Yes No Yes No No No No
ACO No Split No Yes Yes Yes Yes

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