In Dorvik, as per the constitution there is a multi-party system. Dorvik has had a prominent multi-party system that has existed since the popular revolution in 2000. The system however has been interrupted from time to time but has remained at the core of the nation. The State Elections Commission is responsible for the management of the multi-party system in Dorvik, a very independent agency of the Government of Dorvik, it remains a powerful bastion of democratic values.

Active Political PartiesEdit

Logo Name Abbr. Ideology Seats
Die Linke
The Left
DL Pacifism, Social Equality, Enviromentalism
Traditionelle Gerechtigkeitspartei
Traditional Justice Party
TGP Conservatism, Hosianism, Republicanism
Ern. Centrism, Regulatory Capitalism, Artaniansceptisism
People's Party
PP Social Market economics, small government, neoliberalism
Conservative and Reformist Alliance
Konservative und Reformistische Allianz
CARA Economic Liberalism, Unionism, Pro-Artanianism, Centre-Right 0

Major historical partiesEdit

Electoral AlliancesEdit

Regional and minor political parties and organizationsEdit

Historical political partiesEdit

Party ComparisonsEdit

Diagram provides brief overview of political opinion.

Issues The Left Traditional Justice Party Communist Party Liberal Conservatives Renewal Conservative and Reformist Alliance
Abortion Restrictions No Yes No Partial Yes
National Service No Yes No No No
Immigration Restrictions No Yes No Yes Yes
Capital Punishment No Yes No No No
Drug Liberalization Yes No No Partial Yes*
Nuclear Weaponry No Yes No Yes Yes
Biological Weaponry No Yes No Yes No
Nationalised TOCs Yes No Yes No No