In Selucia, as per the constitution there is a multi-party system. Selucia has had a prominent multi-party system that has existed since almost its first inhabitants. The system however has been interrupted from time to time but has remained at the core of the nation.

Active Political PartiesEdit

Parties With RepresentationEdit

Logo Name Abbr. Established Ideology Position Seats
In Tide-Citizens Left
In Marea-Civis Sinistram


4098 Ecologism, Feminism, Republicanism, Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism Center-left to far-left
224 / 500
Partis Imperialis
Imperial Party
Partis Imperialis
PI 4244 Former Partis Nationalisti.  Mild Nationalism, Monarchism, Centralization, Militarism Center-right
133 / 500
Factio Fortuna
Lucky Faction
Factio Fortuna
FF 4246 Classical Liberalism, Conservative Liberalism Center-right
143 / 500

Parties Without RepresentationEdit

Logo Name Abbr. Ideology
 ?  ?

Major historical partiesEdit

Logo Name Abbr. Established Disestablished Ideology
Partis Laboris
Labour Party
Partis Laboris
PL 4123 4136 Social Democracy, Social Liberalism, Conservative Socialism, left-wing patriotism
Factio Conservativa Logo
Conservative Section
Factio Conservativa
FC 4132 (re-established) 4136 Selucian nationalism, National Conservatism, Souverainism, Protectionism, Right-Wing Populism, Anti-immigration,
Partis Nationalisti
Nationalist Party
Partis Nationalisti
PN 4123 4244 Nationalism, Isolationism
Populares Logo
PS 4173 4255 Left wing Populism, Republicanism, Democratic Socialism
Protectorate Faction
Factio Proteetorate
FP 4215 4228 Environmentalism, Militarism, Nationalism, Syndicalism
Fraternitas-Populares Hosiani
Brotherhood-Popular Hosians
FPH 4219 4240 Hosian Radicalism, Political Angelicanism, Confessionalism, Hosian Democracy, Aurorian Patriarchal Social Thought
Farmers Faction
Factio Agricolae
FA 4248 4257 Interventionism, liberalism, internationalism, agrarianism, ecologism, social conservatism
National Legion
Legionem Nationis
LN 4246 4261 Economic liberalism, right-wing populism, unionism, nationalism, isolationism, national coservatism

Other parties included: Factio Democratica, Magni Iucunda Imperialium.

Party ComparisonsEdit

Issues In Marea-Civis Sinistram Partis Imperialis Fortuna Factio
Abortion Restrictions No Partial Partial
National Service No Partial No
Immigration Restrictions No Yes Partial
Capital Punishment No No Yes
Drug Liberalization Yes No Partial
Nuclear Weaponry Partial Yes Yes
Biological Weaponry Partial Yes Partial
Non-interventionism Foreign Policy No Yes Yes
LGBT Rights Yes Yes Partial
Religious Freedom Yes Partial (non-mandatory) Yes
Women's rights Yes Yes Yes

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