Baltusia is a unitary republic. Executive power is vested in the President and Commander-in-Chief, who serves as the head of state.The cabinet subject to the approval of the Baltusian Congress. Elections to Congress take place every four years (unless an early election motion is passed) and occur alongside presidential and gubernatorial elections.

Political PartiesEdit

Active Political PartiesEdit

Active Baltusian political parties
Alliance Name Seats in Congress
Informal 'Moderate' Cabinet Alliance Baltusian Green Alliance
228 / 600
Baltusian Republican Party
74 / 600
Left Party Bloc Moderate Party
109 / 600
Revolutionary Anarcho-Communist Party (RAC)
52 / 600
Socialist Alliance Liberal, Socialist Party of Baltusia (LSPB)
81 / 600
Secularist, Socialist Party of Baltusia (SSPB)
56 / 600

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