Politics of Kundrati take place within the framework of a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch with a unicameral legislature, whereby the Tribune of Kundrati is the head of government, leading both the Government and the Cabinet. The head of state is hereditary and purely symbolic, with no actual power within the government, the official title of the office of head of state is Princeps. The Princeps has ceremonial duties to carry out. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the national legislature, the Federal Senate. The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. The constitution of Kundrati is the supreme law of the land, however, it does divide the country into five states, which carry out administrative and lawmaking duties independently of the central government.


The current Princeps is Gaius Octavian Paz. The office of Princeps is hereditary and purely symbolic as proposed by the Princeps Act of October 3207.


The Tribune of Kundrati is the head of government and also chairs the cabinet. The current Tribune, as of 3421, is Cornelius Scipio Africanus.


The Consul was the Head of State of the Kundrati Union. He or she was elected every three years by popular vote of the Kundrati people. If no candidate recieves a majority in the first round of voting, a run-off is held, where by a new Consul will be elected. The Consul turned out to me more of a figure head position due to the 5th Republic Act. The most executive funtions devolving to the Deputy Vice Associate Consul.

Originally the Consul was entitled President. This changed in 2035 to Praetor.[1] However, this title too did not last, finally being changed to Consul in 2050. From that time, the Consul was both the Head of State and Government. In 2371, with the advent of the President for Life, the Consul was merely the Head of Government. The Consul was re-estalbished as only Head of State in 2398 with the 5th Republic Act.

List of Kundrati ConsulsEdit

21st century Edit

Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Jon Doomhammer November 2034 October 2038 Non
2 Robert Vangee October 2038 October 2041 None
3 Josephine Charlotte October 2041 December 2043 None
4 Dmitri Milosvaji December 2043 December 2046 None
5 Kanaye Hiren December 2046 February 2052 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
6 Jack McDonald February 2052 February 2055 None
7 Pentti Nykäsenoja February 2055 February 2061 None
8 Lisa Björklund February 2061 February 2063 None
9 Alois Aung December 2063 December 2066 None
10 Jack McDonald, 2nd time December 2066 December 2072 None
11 Henry Piett December 2072 December 2078 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
12 Henry Freeman December 2078 December 2081 None
13 Henry Piett, 2nd time December 2081 December 2087 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
14 Kelly Funk December 2087 December 2093 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
15 Remus Aelius December 2093 December 2099 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
16 Jon Tiberius December 2099 December 2102 None

22nd century Edit

Name Took Office Left Office Party
17 Andrew Pike December 2102 December 2111 None
18 Jack McDonald, 3rd time December 2111 December 2114 None
19 Solomon Appleby December 2114 December 2120 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
20 Remus Aelius, 2nd time December 2120 December 2126 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
21 Gaius Hiren December 2126 December 2135 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
22 Diocletian Catiline December 2135 December 2141 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
23 Galen Kota December 2141 December 2144 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
24 Hiero Neral December 2144 December 2148 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
25 Bernard Alberdi December 2148 December 2151 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
26 Emma Goldmand December 2151 March 2157 None
27 Jon Teika March 2157 March 2163 None
28 Michael Bakudos March 2163 March 2166 None
29 Theodosius Scipio March 2166 March 2172 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
30 Kenn Pearson March 2172 March 2177 None
31 Mireia Remei March 2177 December 2180 None
32 Warren Roosevelt December 2180 December 2183 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
33 Nate Widelitz December 2183 December 2186 None
34 Zoe Pratchett December 2186 December 2190 None
35 Lucius Brutus December 2190 December 2192 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
36 Jamie Eiren December 2192 December 2201 None

23rd centuryEdit

Name Took Office Left Office Party
37 Marcus Horatius December 2201 February 2204 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
38 Frederick Mountbatton February 2204 June 2215 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
39 Aemilian Junuh June 2215 December 2229 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
40 Tycho Brahe December 2229 December 2235 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
41 Constantine Sage December 2235 December 2241 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
42 Maximian Argento December 2241 December 2253 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
43 Ariennye Xereth December 2253 December 2256 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
44 Danielle Capitoline December 2256 December 2262 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
45 Titus Macerinus December 2262 December 2268 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
46 Spurious Furious December 2268 December 2274 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
47 Agrippa Menenius December 2274 December 2277 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
48 Cornelius Nero December 2277 December 2286 Alderdath Sudisti Herri
49 Gaius Sempronius December 2286 December 2295 Alaneisath Kundrati Lagaja
50 Lucius Tacticus December 2295 November 2301 Alaneisath Kundrati Lagaja

24th century Edit

Name Took Office Left Office Party
51 Lucius Caecilius November 2301 November 2302 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
52 Quintus Marcius November 2302 November 2305 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
53 Aulus Hirtius November 2305 November 2308 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
54 Tiberius Claudius November 2308 November 2311 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
55 Aebutius Helva November 2311 November 2314 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
56 Messius Extricatus November 2314 November 2317 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
57 Servius Sulpicius November 2317 November 2320 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
58 Aquillius Tuscus November 2320 November 2323 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
59 Khaiel Valdore November 2323 November 2326 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
60 Appius Claudius November 2326 November 2329 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
61 Nautius Rutilus November 2329 November 2332 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
62 Morris Scullin November 2332 November 2335 Demkratteja Lebraleiju Kundratatka
63 Matthew Fitzstewart November 2335 November 2341 Demkratteja Lebraleiju Kundratatka
64 Martin V.E. Kelsinton VII November 2341 November 2356 Alderdath Raberi Koncirlaki Erradiki
65 Marcus Quintillus November 2356 November 2359 Alaneisath Kundrati Lagaja
66 Cornelius Cinna November 2359 November 2362 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
67 Decimus Junius November 2362 November 2365 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
68 Jaeih Sullan November 2365 November 2368 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
69 Lucius Urbanus November 2368 November 2371 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
70 Lucius Urbanus(*) November 2368 November 2380 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
71 David Smith(*) November 2380 November 2398 Demkratteja Lebraleiju Kundratatka
72 Martin V.E. Kelsinton IX November 2398 November 2401 Alderdath Raberi Koncirlaki Erradiki
73 Porfirio Hostilian November 2401 November 2404 Phalange
74 Martin V.E. Kelsinton X November 2404 November 2407 Alderdath Raberi Koncirlaki Erradiki
74 Martin V.E. Kelsinton X November 2404 November 2407 Alderdath Raberi Koncirlaki Erradiki
75 Porfirio Hostilian November 2407 November 2413 Phalange
76 Lepidus Livianus November 2416 November 2422 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
77 Calvisius Sabinus November 2422 November 2425 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
78 Cornelius Palma November 2425 November 2428 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
79 Domitius Ahenobarbus November 2428 November 2431 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
80 Cornelius Pietts November 2431 April 2432 Phalange
81 Martin V.E. Kelsinton XI April 2432 April 2438 Alderdath Raberi Koncirlaki Erradiki
82 Martin V.E. Kelsinton XII April 2438 September 2453 Alderdath Raberi Koncirlaki Erradiki

(*)These men were not elected Consuls, and served only has the head of government under then President for Life Genucius Aventinensis

Deputy Vice Associate ConsulEdit

The Deputy Vice Associate was usually the leader of the party or coalition with majority support in the Senate. The Deputy Vice Associate Consul was not elected but negotiated as Head of Government by Coalition proposal. They carried out executive duties throughout the nation, as the 5th Republic Act established the Consul as a more ceremonial position.

List of Kundrati Deputy Vice Associate ConsulsEdit

24th century Edit

Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 David K. Smith November 2398 March 2403 Demkratteja Lebraleiju Kundratatka
2 Cornelius Piett March 2403 August 2405 Phalange
3 Ariennye Xereth August 2405 August 2407 Mugitath Erresakra Lauti
4 Martin E.V. Kelsinton XII September 2518 Incumbent Alderdath Rabrati Konciralati Erradikati

President For LifeEdit

In 2397, the 5th Republic Act, sponsered by the Senate and Genucius Aventinensis re-established an elected executive. Genucius Aventinensis retired upon passage of the act, and in 2398 Martin V.E. Kelsinton IX of the Alderdath Raberi Koncirlaki Erradiki was elected Consul. He was assassinated during the war and progressive parties began to take over.

President of The Kundrati UnionEdit

After the socialist regime was knocked out of power, the new leader became known as the President.

See List of Presidents of Kundrati after 2669

Ascension of the MonarchyEdit

In the 28th Century,a man of noble Taerdrati birth, the "True and Noble" Mike from Kenmore was crowned King of the Kundrat Unioni. The former "Capital Coalition" installed this nobleman as King, temporarily ending over 700 years of democracy in the Kundrati Union. Upon the collapse of the dictatorial, conservative, reign, Mike from Kenmore was removed from power, and democracy was once again restored to the people.

Federal SenateEdit

The Federal Senate of the Kundrati Union is the legislature of Kundrati. It consists of 750 seats, elected by a nationwide vote every forty-two months or when dissolved following the successful passage of an early election motion. It was, for a very long period of time, uni-party. The Falange party was the only one available. However, by the year 3243 the Kundrati Traditionalist Union was officially created, and it will be present in the upcomming 3245 Federal Senate elections. Officially ending the period of a single-party state.


Kundrati is officially a multi-party system in which many parties are elected to be hold a number of the 750 seats available to the Federal Senate. However, the state had, for a long period of time, only one political party, until the year 3243, with the creation of the Kundrati Traditionalist Union, and the 3245 Elections. The parties receive seats in a manner representative of the popularity of the party during an election.

Parties represented in the National Assembly (currently called the Federal Senate), in order of size during the year 2744:

However, as of the year 3243, this is the list of registered parties, in order of size:

Spoletto ReportEdit

Main article: Spoletto Report

The Spoletto Report was an important public inquiry set up to investigate and report on the circumstances behind the bombing of Tamasine and Kaden, in which hundreds of people were killed or injured.

Authored by Conrad Spoletto, it reported its findings in 2338.


  1. Terminology Act July 2035
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