President of the Government of
the Grand Kingdom of Dankuk
Dankuk Presidential Standard
Presidential Standard
Kim Myeong-dong
since 1 December 4084
Style Mr./Ms. President (informal)
His/Her Excellency (formal)
Residence Presidential Palace, Seongtaek
Appointer Imperial Senate of Dankuk
Term Length 4 Years
Inaugural Holder Lee Dong-seung
July 3608
Website www.president.go.dr

The President of Dankuk (Kyo: 대통령 Daetonglyeong) officially designated as the President of the Government of the Grand Kingdom of Dankuk, is the head of government in Dankuk. The president is the leader of the government, though he assisted closely by the Vice President, who is primarily responsible for leading the cabinet. The president is directly elected, while the vice president and cabinet appointed by the Imperial Senate. All of these positions are officially inaugurated by the Emperor of the Great Kyo Empire. While in office, the president may reside in the Presidential Palace in Iglesia Mayor.

History Edit

Kyo Revolution Edit

The Presidency of Dankuk was established during the Great Kyo Revolution of 3608. The leader of the revolution, Lee Dong-seung, initially seized control of the Dranish Presidency, but quickly dismantled the office. Replacing the Dranish Republic was a constitutional monarchy, with the House of Ryeo's monarch becoming head of state. Lee retained the presidency as the head of government, but greatly increased the powers held by the president. Under Lee the nation was an authoritarian one-party state and the parliament served as a rubber-stamp to all presidential policies.

Intra-Party Democracy Edit

In an attempt to expand the appeal of the single ruling party, Kyodae, reforms were made in the late 3650s by President Lee Hancheol. A reformist in the party, President Lee sought greater democracy in the Dankuk government. To achieve this goal a structure was implemented to create an intra-party democracy. This unique form of democracy empowered the value of party membership since all party members would be permitted to vote for representatives within Kyodae. As related to the presidency, the Kyodae leader selected by elected representatives every ten years in a mass political conference would also become the president.

In practice there were still many limitations to the intra-party democracy. Candidates deemed "too dangerous," for either being too nationalistic or too liberal, often are often disqualified in elections in favor of conformist party members. However, attempts have been made to carefully bring in greater public involvement without upsetting the one-party rule of Kyodae.

Absolute Monarchy Edit

In 3868 the Great Kyo Empire was proclaimed by Choesun I, as Dankuk reasserted its symbolic claims over Kazulia, known as Jjeokuk. The proclamation also elevated the status of the monarch and placed him into a more direct role in government. Starting in 3868, it became the tradition for the President of the Government to be the Emperor, effectively making the nation an absolute monarchy. This continued until 4011, when the Imperial Household abandoned the tradition in favor of democratic reforms that were being promoted by the recently legalized opposition.

This abandonment led to the collapse of the one-party state commanded by the Imperial People's Party. It also led to the 4011 coup, orchestrated by Vice President Choi Youngsoo. The coup ultimately failed, though it resulted in the death of Emperor Seojun, Crown Prince Choesun, and the leader of the opposition party. By August 4011 the situation in Dankuk had stabilized and the democratically elected National Democratic Congress formed a new government.

List of Dankuk Presidents Edit

Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 President Lee Dongseung Lee Dong-seung 6 Jul 3608 16 Nov 3648 Kyo Revolutionary Society
2 Lee Hancheol Lee Hancheol 16 Nov 3648 1 Nov 3662 Kyodae
* Ito Ryouichi Ito Ryouichi (disputed,
see 3649 Crisis)
15 May 3649 10 June 3649 Ultranationalists
3 Sun Jonghyun Sun Jonghyun 1 Nov 3662 30 Nov 3672 Kyodae
4 Song Miyako Song Miyako 30 Nov 3672 30 Nov 3682 Kyodae
5 Sun Jonghyun Sun Jonghyun 30 Nov 3672 2 Jun 3686 Kyodae
6 Awstin Kim Awstin Kim 13 Dec 3687 2 Dec 3696 Cheng Socialist Party
7 Kang Yoonseok Kang Yoonseok 2 Dec 3696 16 Oct 3709 Pyeongreo Faction
8 Alexandre de Mingo II Alexandre de Mingo II 16 Oct 3709 7 Aug 3722 Taeyangdang
9 Sun Takashi Sun Takashi 7 Aug 3722 28 Sep 3729 Taeyangdang
10 Marcos Matsuoka Marcos Matsuoka 28 Sep 3729 1 Aug 3758 Taeyangdang
11 Daiki Delgado Daiki Delgado 1 Aug 3758 28 Oct 3777 Taeyangdang
12 Lee Jeongsung Lee Jeongsung 28 Oct 3777 13 Dec 3779 Taeyangdang
13 Hayden William van Buchan III 28 Dec 3779 13 Dec 3780 Dranland Restoration Alliance
* Christian Rhee Christian Rhee (disputed, see Imperial Dranland/Buchan Empire) 1 Jun 3780 26 Dec 3785 Dankuk Restoration Party
14 Yi Eunseok Yi Eunseok 26 Dec 3785 16 Dec 3828 Dankuk Restoration Party
15 Yoo Donghyun Yoo Donghyun 15 May 3856 2 Jun 3860 Dankuk National Union
(New Dawn)
16 Kang Hwanmu Kang Hwanmu 2 Jun 3860 19 Jul 3865 Dankuk National Union
(Kyo Fatherland)
17 Yoo Donghyun Yoo Donghyun 19 Jul 3865 6 May 3868 Dankuk National Union
(New Dawn)
18 Choesun I Emperor Choesun I 6 May 3868 3 Nov 3916 Imperial House of Ryeo
19 Choesun II Emperor Choesun II 3 Nov 3916 18 Sep 3955 Imperial House of Ryeo
20 Choesun III Emperor Choesun III 18 Sep 3955 18 Feb 3997 Imperial House of Ryeo
21 Seojun I Emperor Seojun I 18 Feb 3997 3 Jun 4011 Imperial House of Ryeo
* Choi Youngsoo Choi Youngsoo (disputed,
see Coup of 4011)
3 Jun 4011 16 Jun 4011 Imperial People's Party
22 Kal Chuwon Kal Chuwon 1 Aug 4011 5 Feb 4019 National Democratic Congress
23 Eoh Dong Hyun Eoh Dong Hyun 5 Feb 4019 20 Jan 4023 National Democratic Congress
- Interim Government 20 Jan 4023 12 Sep 4025 None
24 Pom Yoo Ri Pom Yoo Ri 12 Sep 4025 1 Dec 4033 National Democratic Congress
25 Kang Sung-min Kang Sung-min 1 Dec 4033 1 Dec 4084 New Century Alliance
26 PIC Kim Myeong-dong 1 Dec 4084 4 Nov 4102 Dankuk Reform Party
27 PIC Chung U-Jin 4 Nov 4102 8 Nov 4106 Auctorist Party
28 PIC Kim Myeong-dong 8 Nov 4106 13 May 4110 Dankuk Reform Party
29 PIC Chung U-Jin 13 May 4110 2 May 4114 Auctorist Party
30 PIC Chung Si-U 2 May 4114 29 May 4126 Auctorist Party
31 PIC Man Chu 29 May 4126 10 Aug 4133 Grand National Party
- Presidency Abolished 10 Aug 4133 7 Mar 4144 None
32 PIC Li Sonja 7 Mar 4144 15 Mar 4149 National Force
- Presidency Replaced by Stewardship 15 Mar 4149 xx None
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