For the current Indralan head of state, see Chancellor of Indrala.

President of the State of Indrala

Seal of government
Official seal of the Indralan government

Peng Zexian
Office dissolved

Imperial Palace
Indralan people
Term length
4 years
Inaugural holder
Wang Rui
March 4143
Final holder
Pua Tony
June 4251

The President of Indrala was the head of state of Indrala during the republican years following the fall of the He Dynasty. Elected directly by the entire enfranchised citizenry, the president served as the head of the executive branch.


Traditionally, the Indralan head of state was a hereditary position held by the Emperor of the He Dynasty. Following a succession crisis, however, tide turned against the monarchy and republican elements of the population seized power in the nation.

When the power was stripped from the hands of the monarch, a republican system of government was implemented with the President serving as the directly elected head of state. Presidential elections were first held in March 4143, when they were won by Wang Rui of the Social Democrats.

Powers and responsibilitiesEdit

The President was the nation's political leader, as the leader of the executive branch. Despite lacking serious power in comparison to the legislature, they were expected to manage and appoint the cabinet, including the Prime Minister and propose legislation to the National Assembly.


The position of President was abolished in 4251 and replaced with the position of Chancellor. The new position held significantly more power than the President previously did due to the abolition of a separate head of government and the adoption of a presidential system of government.

List of PresidentsEdit

No. Presidency President Political party Term
1 March 4143-March 4155 Wang Rui Social Democrats First March 4143-March 4145
Second March 4145-March 4150
Third March 4150-March 4155
2 March 4155-March 4165 Jules Pan Social Democrats First March 4155-March 4160
Yingdalan Greens and Progressives Second March 4160-March 4165
3 March 4165-September 4173 Zhang Aiguo Yingdalan Greens and Progressives First March 4165-March 4170
Second March 4170-September 4173
4 September 4173-July 4176 Cindy Tang Yingdalan Progressives First September 4173-July 4176
5 July 4176-March 4188 Liang Kuoliu Yingdalan Progressives First July 4176-November 4177
Second November 4177-November 4180
Third November 4180-March 4182
Fourth March 4182-March 4185
Fifth March 4185-March 4188
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Geography Ma-Gan River - Anle Range - Tebie Desert - Baitian Valley
Politics Chancellor - National Assembly - Political parties
Demographics Ethnic Groups: Indralan
Religion: Jienism - Daenism (Mazdâyanâ, Zenshō)
Culture Monarchy - Nobility - Sport
Economy Agriculture - Banking - Tourism

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