Founded in July 2184 by New Theta of Dranland, Psychbusters is internationally recognised as the leader in the defence and protection of human rights in the field of mental health.

Mission StatementEdit

We are highly concerned that millions of kids around Terra are being drugged, with "kiddy cocaine" such as Ritalin, for unscientific "mental illnesses" like "ADHD" (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or "ODD" (oppositional defiant disorder). We work to provide safe and effective forms of healing, such as exercise, nutrition, healthy food, counselling and education, without the use of harmful drugs to "control" children or victimise them as being "ill" or "diseased". We strive to put an end to this abusive drugging of our children, and work to support parents and families so that the youth of today have a more rich and fulfilling life, without drugs, and without the belief that they need pills to fit in or be "normal".




Full MembersEdit

None - Psychbusters has lost many members in recent years.

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