Partito Integralista Hosianista
Founded 2313
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Nation Repubblica Istaliana
Ideology Religious, conservative
Political Position right
International Affiliations Fronte di Liberazione Nazionale

The Radici Nazional Hosianiste party (luthorian: Hosian National Roots party, then Partito Integralista Hosianista (luthorian: Hosian Integralist Party), was founded in 2313 in reaction of the istalian people to react against the ahmadi bullying. It first contested elections in 2316 and with 78 seats in Parliament it became the fourth party. In 2321 the party double its seats gaining 132 seggi and becoming the first party in Istalia.

It was a national-religious righ-wing party and it was part of the center-right coalitions, the Fronte di Liberazione Nazionale.

It's foundamental goals are:

  • Unity of the Fatherland;
  • Defense of both cultural and religious roots of Istalia;
  • Fight in any way the criminality;
  • Defense of the Fatherland from the communism.

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