Rich Dranland is the hymn of the Republic of Dranland

«O rich Dranland, our home and greatest pride
Secure us in Hope so we might abide
By honor and strength and glorious might
If we stray, O Dranland, please set us Right

Our swaying meadows and lushest forests
Deep and dense, now and forever ours, lest
We fall from glory and then loose our way
But graced by the People we shall etern’ly stay

Our gleaming ships carry our flag at sea
Our peoples from all corners shout in glee
Our country shining above all others
Bright and proud, to all of us a father

War and strife, anger and fear, all derailed
For through these perils we have prevailèd
For no hostile forces, no barricade
Will block the splendid path that Fate has made

Our glory bright in the light of the sun
This is great Dranland, so strong it does stun
Even the oldest states, none can compare,
None can contest this nation we all share»

Drania flag Republic of Dranland
Iglesia Mayor (capital)
History 3572 Dranish coup d'étatDraddwyr GenocideDranian Seung RevolutionGreat Sekowian WarNew ThetaSinking of the HMS Chulbark
Subdivisions Provinces: Flag elbian ElbianFlag loren LorenFlag magadonia MagadoniaFlag ulbrach UlbrachFlag valdor Valdor
Special Cities: GC Flag GongmangdoIglesia Mayor Flag Iglesia MayorSanta Sharika Flag Santa Sharika
Special Region: Northern Dovani
Political Parties Current: Kyo Defense ForcePopular Party
Historic: Conservative National PartyDemocratic Socialist PartyDranish Agrarian LeagueDranish Hosian AllianceGao-Showa Imperial Revolutionary FrontGrand National PartyGreen Progressives/Llysiau Gwyrdd BlaengHacia CasaLeague of JusticeRally for the RepublicPartido Acción CiudadanaPartido Democrático MonárquicoVirtuous Kyo Alliance
Demographics Religion: Zensho DaenismDaenismJienismSeldonismAurorian Patriarchal ChurchSindoThetanismUniversal Church of Terra
Ethnicity: DraddwyrDranianosKazulianKyo
Notable People & Families Adrienne LeCoultre-OverstratenAlina DelarosaAllanfa DanArthurCatherine Fournier-LagardeCharlene GoodwillChoi Yeon-kiCraig WarwickCwlcymroDelia BreckinridgeDim MynediadEarl Branstead-SmithEduardo RiveraElaine DuvalleEric CrawfordGerardo GutierrezHarold de BurghHouse of RyeoHouse of SantiagoIason TolesJack CaddockJacqueline TownsendJames TanakaJennifer HowardJoel CubreroJohn HolbrookeJohn WestwoodJonathan de LeuerJulia BreckinridgeLarissa LeCoultreLuigi DelgadoMargaret WoodhallMaria ValoMarina LeCoultreMario LavazzaOwain GlynwaterPark Jae-yungPaul SimeonRhee Seung-ukRichard Branstead-SmithSamuel LotherbergSarah GoodwinSean YatesSeldon FamilySosuke MoriSun Gyeong-yunSun Ryoji