Royal Kazulian Air Force
Kongelig Luftvåpen
Kongelig Luftvåpen
Logo of the Kongelig Luftvåpen (Royal Kazulian Air Force)
Active April 12th, 3100 - present
Country Kingdom of Kazulia
Allegiance Ministry of Defence (Kazulia)
Branch Kongeforsvar
Type Air Force and Air Defence
Size 10,000 active personnel

580 Aircraft

Motto Standhaftig i tjeneste (Steadfast in Duty.)
Anniversaries Air Force Day (September 24th)
Inspector-General of the Royal Kazulian Air Force General Haakon Gronlund

The Royal Kazulian Air Force (Kazulianisk: Kongelig Luftvåpen) is the aerial warfare arm of the Kongeforsvar. The principle objectives of the Air Force is to provide support across a spectrum of operations such as air superiority, precision strikes, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, air mobility, and humanitarian support.

The Air Force maintains an operational fleet of various types of aircraft which perform various duties. This largely consists of fixed-wing aircraft, including:  fighter and strike aircraft, airborne early warning and control aircraft and SIGINT aircraft, aerial refuelling aircraft and strategic and tactical transport aircraft. 

The air force has been described as being able to deploy anywhere, at anytime, in any condition and also being able to influence the decisions of individuals.

Structure Edit

The Royal Kazulian Air Force is underneath the command of the Inspector-General of the Royal Kazulian Air Force (Kazulian: Inspektør-generalsekretær for Kongelig Luftvåpen) and the Kazulian Air Force High Command (Kazulian: Kazul Luftvåpen Kommandoen). The Royal Kazulian Air Force underwent the same transformation as the Kongelig Marinen.

The Royal Kazulian Air Force is divided into five Flight Wings, which is further divided into at least three (3) squadrons per Flight Wing.

Agatha Air Station 

  • Operation Area: Arctic, Northern Dovani
    • 110 Flight Wing 
      • 111 Squadron (Arctic Fighter Squadron)
      • 112 Squadron (Fighter-Interceptor Squadron)
      • 113 Squadron (Search & Rescue Squadron)
      • 114 Squadron (EW & AWCAS Squadron) 
      • 167 Squadron (Air Mobility Squadron)

Dreton Air Station

  • Operation Area: Central Dovani (Kazulia)
    • 111 Flight Wing 
      • 114 Squadron (Fighter-Bomber Squadron)
      • 1st Anti-Aircraft battalion 
      • 191 Training Wing
      • 116 Squadron (Air Mobility Squadron)
      • 117 Squadron (EW/AWCAS Squadron 

Flindar Air Station

  • Operation Area: Eastern Dovani 
    • 112 Flight Wing
      • 118 Squadron (Air Superiority Fighter Squadron)
      • 198 Squadron (Air Superiority Fighter Squadron)
      • 4th Anti-Aircraft battalion 
      • 120 Squadron (EW/AWCAS Squadron)
      • 121 Training Wing

Hent Air Station

  • Operation Area: Southern Dovani
    • 113 Flight Wing
      • 122 Squadron (Reconnaissance Squadron)
      • 123 Squadron (Fighter-Interceptor Squadron)
      • 124 Squadron (EW/AWCAS Squadron)
      • 3rd Anti-Aircraft battalion 
      • 125 Training Wing

Kelvon Air Station

  • Operation Area: Western Dovani
    • 114 Flight Wing
      • 126 Squadron (EW/AWCAS Squadron)
      • 127 Squadron (Air Mobility Squadron)
      • 128 Squadron (Reconnaissance Squadron)
      • 129 Squadron (Fighter-Bomber Squadron)
      • 2nd Anti-Aircraft Battalion

Aircraft Edit

Aircraft Role Quantity Reference
Fixed-wing Aircraft
HF-16 "Hawk" multirole 100 F-16 Fighting Falcon
AV-13 "Fiskeørn" multirole 100 JAS 39 Gripen
Z-35 Joint Strike Aircraft multirole 56 F-35 Lighting II
SB 700 "Arhaus" AEW&C 5 Saab 340 AEW&C
Z-3 "Centurion" AEW&C 2 Boeing E-3 Sentry
Z-6 "Kraken" Maritime surveillance 5 P-3 Orion
Alterholt 45 SIGINT 9 Dassault Falcon 20
AV-177 aerial refueling 9 Boeing 707
HC-130 transport 14 C-130J Super Hercules
HC-17 tactical airlift 9 C-17 Globemaster III
HH-13 "Osprey" utility / trainer 200 Bell 412
Helikopter 45 utility / trainer 200 NH90
AV-70 "Eagle" attack 60 AH-64 Apache
Eastfield Sea Trotter search and rescue 20 Westland Sea King
AV-50 "Himmel" utility / trainer 40 Westland Lynx

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