Ruan Zhi

General Secretary of the Yingdala Gongchandang
In office
February 5th, 1930 – March 20th, 1976
Preceded by
Post created

1st Chairman of the People's Committee of the People's Republic of Indrala
In office
March 14th, 1938 – March 20th, 1976
Preceded by
Post created
Succeeded by
Zhou Le

February 16th, 1895
March 20th, 1976 (Age 81)
Political party
Yingdala Gongchandang (Indralan Communist Party)
Revolutionary, Politician, Communist Theorist
None (atheist)
Ruan Siggy

Ruan Zhi (February 16, 1895 – March 20, 1976), was an Indralan Communist revolutionary, guerrilla warfare strategist, Metzist political philosopher, and leader of the Indralan War of Independence. He was the architect and founding father of the first Gongchan Indrala from its establishment in 1938, and held authoritarian control over the nation until his death in 1976. His theoretical contribution to Metzism, along with his military strategies and brand of policies, are collectively known as Ruanism.


Although Ruan Zhi is based on Ho Chi Minh, Ruanism is Particracy's version of Maoism.

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