City Motto
Region Largonia, Dorvik

Schlandesruck is a city in Largonia, in the Dorvik. It was the first capital of the Kingdom of Dorvik and was the home of Egbert the I.


Although being a major city for many years, since Schlandesruck has shrunken in size in favor of more modern and larger cities. The current population numbers 752,265 residents in the city. The city has a 99% populace of ethnic Dorvish, and 1% of Alorians. It is the smallest multicultural city in Dorvik.


Schlandesruck produces from 14% of Dorvik's meat each year making it the second largest meat producing city in Dorvik.


Schlandesruck lies on Strait of Dorvan which allowed for large trade and swift travel. It is rather far from the central mountains in Dorvik and has a ____ climate.

Cities of Dorvik
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