Mayor Kordusia
State Kordusia
District Schrudehofen District
Representatives to the Kordusian State Chamber
Representatives to the Volkskammer

Schrudehofen is a major port city in the People's Republic of Dorvik located in the state of Kordusia. Schrudehofen is home to one the largest naval bases run by the Dorvish Navy and is also home to the biggest naval shipyard in Dorvik, the Dorvish Shipyard Schrudehofen (Dorvische: Dorvische Weft Schrudehofen). Schrudehofen is a major trading city in Dorvik and thus has a diverse population and an ever expanding economic market, many international business from Majatra call Schrudehofen home.


Government and politicsEdit

Law enforcement and crimeEdit


Schrudehofen is one of the most multicultural places in Dorvik and has faced criticism by many of the nationalist groups in Dorvik and even some of the political parties within Dorvik with a nationalist agenda. However Schrudehofen is 77% Dorvish and the other 27% is a varied mix of Majatrans.


Schrudehofen is Dorvik's largest producer of fish, supplying the country with tons of fish per day. Langton itself consumes large amounts of fish, with some 8 fish per week per capita. Schrudehofen fishing companies during the fishing season take about 48% of the Dorvish fish market and during non-production seasons some 25%. It also is heavy reliant on the production of ships, producing the second to largest amount of ships per month after Birdon, producing 8 ships per month.

Cities of Dorvik
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