Security Bureau
Agency Overview
Formed December 8th, 4142
Jurisdiction Kazulia
Headquarters Skalm
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified.
Agency executive Trond Nicolaysen (as of 4368), Director

The Security Bureau (Kazulianisk: Sikkerhetsbyrå) is Kazulian intelligence agency and member of the Kazulian Intelligence community. It is charged with counter-terrorism, counter-espionage, countering cyber-crime and surveillance of potentially threatening groups, organisations, and social phenomena.

The organisation/agency was founded under the name of the Internal Security Service (Kazulian: Intern Sikkerhetstjeneste, ISS), which was a merger of the Security Bureau and the Intelligence Bureaus of the National Police Service. It acquired its current name in 4142, with a small structural shift: where as the ISS would answer to the Head of Government, the security bureau would now answer to the Department of Domestic Affairs and the Head of Government.

The Authority's national headquarters is located in Skalm, drawing together personnel from a number of locations into a single HQ facility. The security bureau is currently governed by Director Endre Svendsen.

Organisation Edit

The Security Bureau comes under the command of the Department of Domestic Affairs. The Bureau is headed by a Director at the ranking of a senior member of the Kazulian Civil Service. The Bureau is directed by the Joint Intelligence and Defence Council for intelligence operational priorities. It cooperates with the UES, FISO and KKR and a number of other bodies within the Kazulian government and industrial base. It is overseen by the Select Committee on Foreign and Domestic Intelligence.

Operations of the service are required to be proportionate and compliant with Kazulian legislation including the National Intelligence and Espionage Act,the Anti Corruption Act and the Surveillance and Data Collection Act. According to law, the directorate cannot hire foreign nationals to the service but must instead hire Kazulian nationals.

Branches & Departments Edit

The Police Security Directorate consists of several departments, they are:-

  • Department A: Administration
  • Department I: IT and operational intelligence technology
  • Department O: Central services and support
  • Department P: Political and Ideological Extremism
  • Department C: Counter-espionage, protective security and counter-terrorism
  • Department S: Security threats posed by foreign extremists or from abroad
  • Department G: Ethnic and Religious extremism

History Edit

The Bureau was founded under the General Directorate for Security Act, after increasing regional tensions promoted/created the impetus for a government response to security concerns. Initially the Bureau was formed to counter the influence of ethnic extremism being peddled by the Gao-Showan ethnic groups but soon it became involved in counter-intelligence after the presence of Mikuni-Hulstrian political agent operating in the counter was identified by the Foreign Bureau.

From the beginning, the Bureau was troubled by a number of affairs. First, being when 44 Hulstrian political spies were arrested and charged with spying on behalf of Mikuni-Hulstria, but were later released as the information provided by the Bureau was insufficient to obtain court verdicts.

Since 4160 the Bureau is also concerned with the activities of foreign nationals in Kazulia, especially extremists and terrorists who operate in the country or plan their activities there, such as the Army for the Protection of the Emperor. One of the major intelligence failures in this field were the riots by supporters of the APE in 4170, which the Bureau missed due to supervising the Inauguration parade of the Prime Minister.

The counter-intelligence activities of the Bureau were mostly directed against the intelligence agencies of its neighbours and all other Dovanian, Kerisian and Seleyan nations, however with eased relations with several neighbouring nations (Dranland and Sekowo), the Bureau was since cooperated with these nation's intelligence services.