Seleya is one of the eight continents on Terra. It is located primarily in the southern hemisphere of the globe.


See: History of Seleya



Nations located on Seleya are:

Nations of Seleya

Third aldegar flag AldegarAlduria Rep AlduriaBaltusia flag BaltusiaGaduridos Flag Proposal 1 GaduridosIndralanewflag IndralaFlagofKalistan KalistanKanjor3741 Kanjor
PyvZjmP LikatoniaLodamun Flag LodamunFr-70-lb MordusiaDnltp5 RildanorVolkstaatFlag SaridanGreater Tukarese Flag TukaraliVal Imperial Flag Finished2 Valruzia

Continents of Terra
Artania - Majatra - Seleya - Keris - Dovani - Makon - Temania - Vascania

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