Seleya Location
Demonym Seleyan
Countries 14 (list of countries)

Seleya is one of the eight continents on Terra. It is located primarily in the southern hemisphere of the globe.


Main article: History of Seleya

Geography of SeleyaEdit

Main article: Geography of Seleya



Political map of Seleya

Nations located on Seleya are:

Nations of Seleya
Sovereign states Aldegar - Alduria - Baltusia - Gaduridos - Indrala - Kalistan - Kanjor - Likatonia - Lodamun - Mordusia - Rildanor - Saridan - Tukarali - Valruzia
Continents of Terra
Artania - Majatra - Seleya - Keris - Dovani - Makon - Temania - Vascania

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