Car Industry Edit

Daimler Benz 230 1938
  • Assedo Cars
Founded 2095 in Assedo City Assedo Cars is part of
the House of Assedo's companies. Traditionally the
company produces limousines of the upper middle and
higher segment. It was the first company in the
Empire which started to use ecological motors to
reduce fuel consumption. From time to time Assedo
cars produces a charge of low segment cars for the
masses to fullfill its social engagement in the Empire.
Such a charge has a number of 250.000 cars and are
sold with only a 100 SEN win. 75% of this earning will
be spent to social groups and cultural programs.
Noble m12 gto
  • Adle Cars
This company produces sport cars for the higher segment.
The cars are fast and have a real sportive behaviour.
Members of the managment or members of the VBS Party in
Selucia and are standing for pure capitalism.
Noble Cars is not only selling her cars in Selucia but
also in other nations. The company also provides the
Imperial Highway police with adequate cars.
  • MVG - Machine Company Victoria and Galtar
The MVG is a major producer of trucks and lorries.
It produces all kind of vehicles which are needed and
in use. You can find MVG vehicles in the most countries
around Selucia. The smallest segment MVG is dealing with
are tractors for farmers. The company is also producing
military vehicles.
  • Peoples Cars
Peoples Cars is a producer of cars for the lower middle
class and cheap cars for all. It mostly offers a minimum
of extras in her cars but they are without question robust
and have a long life of service. The main goal is to produce
cars which are easy to maintain and repair. There is nearly
no one who is not able to buy such a car. If you want to have
a long living and easy to maintain but in no way
representative car, that's your choice.
  • SMC - Selucian Motorcycle Company
The Selucian Motorcycle Company is producing high quality
of motorcycles. In a small charge also for the lower market.
Be it for in-field cross riding or the daily street traffic,
SMC products are able to fullfill all needs. SMC is also
producing for the Imperial military.

Oil, Gas & Electricity Edit

  • Selucian Oil
The company refines crude oil into all kind of
oil based products. Fuel, Kerosine, Light Oil
or Diesel to mention some. Selucian Oil is
one of the biggest in this field in the Empire
and has refineries and tank farm across Selucia.
In a main contract the company is storing the
oil reserves for the Empire in fuel oil storage
tank under the earth.
  • Trans-Majatran Oil
A Selucian trader for cruel oil in Majatran. The
company buys and sells the cruel oil to nations
and refineries she bought in petroleum exporting
countries. Trans-Majatran Oil has also some
contracts to deliver oil to northern countries.
  • All Fuel Inc.
Ever saw a petrol station? Of course, and you can
be sure All Fuel Inc. has contracts with a lot
of them. Some unnamed sources claim the company
has a contract with the Empire to deliver the needed
fuel for the Imperial Military.
  • GazProd
A Majatran wide operating corporation wich is partner
in some gas producing corporations. Thou GazProd
has no majority in any of those corporations she
makes the money by gas delivering into other countries.
  • Gasoline Shadar
A national big gas deliverer for the Selucian households
and industry. Gasoline Shadar maintains huge areas

of gas storage tanks in Goldaria and Argona.

  • EoD - Electricity on Demand
  • Light & Power Elec. Inc.
  • Victoria Electricity

Heavy Industry Edit

  • Selucian Steel
This steel producer is a former state owned company. It provides
the Empire's citizens with the daily needed products and is also
producing a small but fine metal furniture collection. A most
unknown fact is the production of aroured steel plates for bunkers
and other civil security buildings.
  • Krupp Industries
Guns and guns and other military equippment is in the portfolio.
The biggest contract with the Imperial Military the company also
produces weapons for other nations which have an approval of the
Selucian government. Located in Kal Serathi with industry complexes
also in ohter provinces Krupp Industries is a major player on
the weapon market. As a side note the company is still in family hand.
  • Uleroth Coal Group
Coal, the motor of Uleroth is written in big letters over
the gate of Uleroth Coal Group. Be it for private households
or major companies, energy producers or steel companies, coal
offered by this company is of best quality and the company has
the books full of contracts.
  • Majatran Tubes Inc.
Tubes, tubes and more tubes. That seems to be the motto of
Majatran Tubes Inc.. They are specialists in tube production
and it is really hard not to find on e of them in Selucia. Be it
for pipelines or water connections. This company is the first
adress others are contacting. The reputation is high and foreign
companies like to buy her products.
  • Shadar Coal & Iron Co.
Coal and Iron, the rawmaterials for heavy industries and energy.
This company has several mines throughout the Empire which feed
the always hungry industry of Selucia. The quality of coal and
iron is very high which results in a very good outcome. The company
is shipping her products also to other nations' companies.
  • Assedo Heavy Industries
A company owned and run by the House of Assedo. It is a
the head organisation for some heavy industry comlexes.
Assedo Heavy Industries produce all kind of steel and metal
products, like tubes, plates, hulls etc. The company also builds
armoured vehicles and tanks for the army and constructs new
heavy industries for their customers. The workers in the company
receive high social payments to ensure good pensions and good
  • Blomberg & Voss Shipyards
Blomberg & Voss is the main company to build submarines and
destroyers for the Empire. Centuries of experience and high
skilled workers provide the Empire with the newest developement
in maritime shipbuilding. A second branch is the tourist cruiser
department wich is responisble for these wonderful and impressive
tourist cruisers which are shipping in Terra's oceans.
  • Imperial Shipyards
This mighty shipyard maintaince and repairs Selucia's navy vessels.
Beside the Imperial Shipyards also build new navy vessels.
The company runs several shipyards in the Empire. The most important
are located in Galtar, Auroria and Goldaria.
  • Dornier Inc.
Civil planes and tactical bombers are the core of Dornier Inc.
Her planes connect the national airports and the long range
navy bombers support the Imperial fleet to control the national
waters around the Empire. Also recce and spy planes are produced.
  • Junkers
The company is producing all kind of bombers for ground support,
tactical or strategical purpose. Also a civilian production line
is part of Junkers to fullfill the need of passangers airplanes.
Junkers' planes are able to bring the heavy load deep into the
foe's territory.
  • Focker & Wulf
The leader in production of fighters and interceptors in the
Empire. High engineering skills and best quality are one of
the company's success. The Imperial Airforce receives the most
fighters and interceptors by this company. In many conflicts
these planes saved the Empires airpower.

Pharmacy & Chemicals Edit

  • Thompson&Thompson
A pharmaceutical company
  • Victoria Drugs
Victoria Drugs is a big drug and chemicalproducer for the Selucian
healthcare market. Narcotics for chirugy, Antibiotics and Anti-Virus
medicine just to name some. The second production line are chemicals
for desinfection and cleaning. You wash the dishes? Well, you are
using one of their products, we guess.
  • Goldaria Chemicals
AS the company name says, chemicals are the business here. From
colours to military useable chemicals, the spectrum deals with
the most stuff. Plastic bags and plastic interieur for cars are
also available like smoke granades for the army and more.
  • ICC - Industry Corporation Chlorine
Chlorine products for swimming halls or other areas are produced
by ICC. It might sound old fashioned but Chlorine bombs and granates
are a part of their production too. While those products seems not to
be the favorite for the ground they are working well when used as
weapons to bomb regions behind the front line and harm the foes
movement possibilities .
  • PharmaPharma
One of the biggest producers and seller of pharma products. The
company has a major contract with the Imperial Military to deliver
first-aid-kitts and other needed medicine. PharmaPharma is also
producing for some allied nations of Selucia
  • Chemicals & Agronomy
All kind of products for farming and other agroculture production
are offered by this company. Permanent researching to find better
possibilities ensure the food production of the Empire.
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