Sexton Hardcastle (2034 - 2122) was the youngest leader of the Democratic Centre Party of Gaduridos in its history, winning the job at the tender age of 35. Only two years later, at 37, he became the youngest Philosopher of Gaduridos at that time.

Hardcastle served a single term as Philosopher, from April 2071 to April 2074. He is probably best known for being the Philosopher who championed space exploration. He ran several times afterwards, often finishing a close second to Barker Deeton of the National Libertarian Party. He was also the federal Minister of Infrastructure on three different occasions, spending a total of 15 years in that role. He is fondly remembered for his road-building programs as Infrastructure Minister, and in 2105 was honoured by the opening of the Sexton Hardcastle State Highway in his home state of South Vintalli.

Accomplishments in OfficeEdit

During his term as Philosopher, Hardcastle:

  • Created the Gaduridos Space Agency.
  • Established the National Bureau of Tertiary Education, which regulates private colleges and universities.
  • Officially recognized capitals in the five states (then counties).
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