Shu Province

Flag of Mishari Karula

Shengo Rock
Shengo Rock
Country Indrala
Regional capital [[Hazhou]]
  Governing body Shu Province Conference
  Province Secretary Huang Xiuying
  Ruling party(s) National Democrats
Area 383,400 km²
Population 19,893,883 (as of 4264)

Shu, formally known as Shu Province, is one of Indrala's five provinces. It borders Anle to the north-west and Han to the south-west.


Shu is one of the five traditional provinces into which Indrala has been divided for centuries.

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  • Yanwan (岩湾)
  • Zhushan (竹山)
  • Laohuxi (老虎溪)
YuDynastyFlag State of Indrala

瑩大磖國 (Indralan)
Yingdala Guo

History Historic Events: Blue Lotus Rebellion - Dawei Miracle - Southern Hemisphere War - War of Independence - Yu Restoration
Historic Periods: Mesing - Gemu-Teng - Qin - Talmu - Great Xinhan - United Commonwealth - Alorian Protectorate - Gongchang - Mingzhi - He - Yu
Important Sites: Heavenly City - Mengmai - Temple of Ten Thousand Bidars
Geography Natural Features: Anle Range - Baitian Valley - Fehua Bay - Ma-Gan River - Tebie Desert - Shengo Rock
Provinces: Han - Jiaozhi - Min - Anle - Shu
Politics Chief Minister of Indrala - Grand Assembly
Political Parties: Lotus Party - New Dawn - Social Democratic Party
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Economy Agriculture - Banking - Caizu - Industry - Jiaozhi Miracle - Mining - Tourism