The Social-Liberty Party was founded in Valruzia as the result of an alliance between moderate socialist- and libertarian-leaning politicians. The SLP motto is "Wisdom and Unity" and the party hopes to make strides towards this by gaining more seats in parliament.

SLP Infrastructure Edit

As a fairly recent party, the SLP of Valruzia currently looks towards one man for guidance, Cliff Newsted, native of Arglon, founded the party around 2065 and is the current SLP Chairman and Presidential candidate.

The SLP is led by:

  • The Party Chairman - Executive Officer of the party, heads up the Policy Commitee. The Chairman is also traditionally the Presidential Candidate for the party.
  • Policy Commitee - 12 Seat elected commitee, usually made up of senior party members, responsible for setting party policy, and has the final say in most deciscions.
  • Advisory Council - 20 Seat body made up of representatives from local chapters of the party.

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