Social Democratic Party
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Party Leader
Fa Rong
June 4325
Student Wing
Young Social Democrats of Indrala
Youth Wing
Young Social Democrats of Indrala
Social Democracy
International Affiliation
International Social Democrats, New International Progressive Alliance, Environmental Protection Organization, Civil Rights Council, Etc.
Official Color
Political Position
Centre-left to Moderate-left
64 / 668
Indralan Cabinet
0 / 13
Politics of Indrala
Political parties in Indrala

The Social Democratic Party (Yingdalan: 社會民主黨, Transliteration: Shè huì mín zhǔ dǎng) is a progressive, left-wing political party in Indrala. The party was founded in June of 4325 by Fa Rong, just as monarchism was seeing a resurgence in the National Conference, a motion opposed by a majority of the Social Democrats. The Social Democratic Party is largely comprised of left-leaning, republican students, urbanites, educated professionals, and minorities. It also, however, contains a small centre-right faction, many of whom were former members of the collapsed Republican Party.

History Edit

The month immediately before the Social Democratic Party's founding would see Indrala vote in a large majority of pro-monarchists into the National Conference. This would lead Fa Rong, a pro-republican legislator, to establish the Social Democratic Party in her hometown of Kaizhou. The party would quickly rally around many of Indrala's urban centers, especially Tian'an, Kaizhou, and Mundanwan, creating its current support base. However, due to being founded right after a national election, the Social Democratic Party was reduced to acting as a grassroots movement, only being able to run local elections for quite a few years. This crucial time period would also see the party gain a small centre-right faction, as the swift destruction of the Republican Party would leave the Social Democrats as one of the only remaining pro-republican parties.

The Social Democratic Party's first election in 4330 would end with the party receiving 64 seats out of Indrala's 668, quite a show for a small, recently founded organization. However, the election itself ended with a blow to the party's main tenant: the preservation of Indralan democracy, as a majority of the populace voted for the creation of a constitutional monarchy. In the following days, the party leadership announced a plan for the Social Democratic Party to aid in the establishment of the new government, in the hopes it would increase stability and unity in the increasingly dangerous times.

Party Governance Edit

The Social Democratic Party has two leading officials within its ranks: the Party Leader and Party Chancellor. The Party Chancellor heads the entirety of the party, and furthermore runs its day to day operations as well as other internal affairs. Despite this the Party Leader is truly the face of the Social Democratic Party and is the member that becomes the party's candidate for the Grand Chancellery. Both of these positions are voted upon by members of the party during Party Conferences held a year before each national election. While the Party Leader must undergo reelection for each conference, the Party Chancellor holds the position for two sessions, unless they decide to renounce their role.

Party Leaders Edit

Order Portrait Name Term Notes
Web-hki-tanya 0
Fa Rong 4329-Present Founder of the Social Democratic Party, served as Party Chancellor until the Party Conference of 4329. Won the leadership with 96.83% of the Party Conference votes.

Party Chancellors Edit

Order Portrait Name Term Notes
Web-hki-tanya 0
Fa Rong 4325-4329 Social Democratic Party's Founder, renounced role as Party Chancellor to become the Party Leader before the national election of 4330.
Lee ying-yuan By-Minizest 800sq
Zi Liang 4329-Present Previously served as a provincial level legislator for an area of Tian'an. Won with a majority of 56.89% of the Party Conference votes.

Electoral Results Edit

Grand Chancellery Edit

Year Candidate Votes

First Round

% Votes

First Round


Second Round

% Votes

Second Round

4330 Fa Rong 5,856,428 9.49% N/A N/A Loss

National Conference Edit

Year Total Votes Votes Received % Votes Seats +/- Position Status
4330 61,233,290 5,910,567 Increase 9.65%
64 / 668
Increase 64 Steady 6th Government

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