Social Liberal Party
Slp logo
Leader Guy Verhofstadt
Founded 2291
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Merenbürg, Narikaton
Nation Lusitânia Lusitânia
Ideology Social Liberalism
Political Position Centrist
International Affiliations Liberal International
Liberal Democracy Foundation
Colours FFD700

The Social Liberal Party is a centrist party, rejecting the right-wing model of a society based on tradition and morals, with conservative laws that heavily limit individual and social freedom. We also refuse to accept the left-wing model of state control of economic activity and government waste that completely strangles private initiative, while focusing on public services that are bureaucratic, slow and inflexible.

The Party's Views Edit

The Social Liberal Party's fundamental views are the following:

  • Social Progressivism.
  • Respect and admiration for the supreme values of Democracy and freedom of thought.
  • The intransigent promotion of a regulated free market, of a liberalized and truly competitive economy.
  • A welfare-state that is minimalist, but present, active and efficient, making sure that all citizens have access to free public health care and education.
  • Positive Liberty.
  • Gradual and pragmatic change rather than dogmatic radicalism.
  • Rejection of the notion of so called ‘perfect models of governance’ that are rigid and dogmatic.
  • Promotion of multiculturalism and pluralism.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Secularism and separation of church and state.
  • Federalism and decentralization of power.
  • Staunch and uncompromising opposition to nationalism and other extreme ideologies.
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