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The Socialist International is an alliance between different socialist and communist organizations around the world. There is also an organization within it supporting the international revolution called the Revolutionary Tendency.


«Human civilization has existed for 5000 years. And throughout these five millenia of history, the vast majority of Humanity has been in chains. From the Pharaohs of Egypt, to the Emperors of Rome, to the Kings and Queens of the Middle Ages, to the rich and powerful of our own age, there have been tyrants and despots, exploiters and oppressors.

And there have been brave men and women who fought against them. Among the slaves who built the pyramids of Egypt, among the gladiators of Rome, among the serfs of the Middle Ages, among the urban workers of the past two hundred years, there has been an ever-increasing number of voices calling for Equality and Justice.

These brave men and women have formed movements and organizations to fight against their oppressors. And they have used many different names to call themselves. Today, and for the past two hundred years, they are called socialists.

The socialist movement came from humble beginnings, in the slums of the industrial hell that was Europe in the 19th century. It was created by the first workers who stood up for their rights, who opposed the capitalist status quo that was so furiously defended by liberals and conservatives.

We have come a long way since then.

In the past century alone, we have achieved more social progress than in the previous four thousand nine hundred years of human history combined. We have successfully fought for universal suffrage. We have expanded democracy from a handful of countries to over two thirds of humanity. We have enshrined human rights in international law. We have crushed the inhumane system of laissez-faire capitalism and fought for social and economic justice. We have created the welfare state, and, thanks to our efforts, in the most advanced countries of the world, death by starvation was eradicated for the first time in the history of mankind.

We have achieved much, but much remains to be done. Twenty thousand people starve to death in the world every day. Malnutrition, disease and illiteracy are widespread in over 80% of the countries on our planet. And even in those advanced countries where immense progress has been made during the 20th century, neoliberal forces are trying to demolish the welfare state and plunge the people back into the misery of laissez-faire capitalism.

The 21st century poses many challenges, but our past successes give us reason for great hope. We stand against inequality, against oppression, against poverty and suffering. We stand for Liberty, Equality and Solidarity, and we shall carry the torch of Socialism into the new century and the new millenium. May its light never fade.»

Statement of PrinciplesEdit

The Socialist International adopts the following Founding Principles as cornerstones of all socialist thought:

  1. Social Justice. Wealth is created through both physical and mental labour by the working class. Moreover, all creation of wealth in modern society is a collective and cooperative effort - the days of individual manufacturers or lone scientists making accidental discoveries are long gone. The capitalist distribution of wealth, however, pays little attention to these realities. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few rather than in the hands of the many who created it. There is an ever increasing - and entirely unjustified - gap between rich and poor. Socialism aims to correct this crucial problem. It aims to reduce the gap between rich and poor as much as possible and give workers more control over their own work and the wealth they create. Socialism favours an active, responsible state that owns and manages vital services (water, gas, electricity, public transport, etc.) for the benefit of the people, that guides the economy to serve the needs of the many rather than the profits of the few, and that guarantees a basic standard of living - including free health care and education - for all.
  2. Democracy. A person should have a say in all decisions that affect him or her. All legitimate governments are created through a social contract - an informal agreement between the people of a country. The government derives its power and legitimacy solely from the people, and its purpose is to serve the interests of the people. As such, democracy is the only legitimate form of government.
  3. Human Rights and Solidarity. In order to protect the dignity of the human being and the welfare of all citizens of the world, the Socialist International affirms human rights as pillars of its ideology, pledges to uphold them in all countries governed by SI member parties, and vows to fight against all forces which seek to undermine them.



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