Socialistic Left
Socialist left logo
Leader Charles Austin
Founded 2309
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Fairfax
Nation Dorvik
Ideology Liberal socialism
Political Position True left
International Affiliations Socialist International
International Lesbian & Gay Rights Association (ILGRA)
Colours ff0000
Website (none)

The Socialistic Left was a political party in the country of Dorvik. It was based out of Fairfax. It believed in freedom and equality, in addition to a very present government that attempts to cover its peoples needs. It believed in a strong public health system and a strong public school system. It wanted the country to be governed by its people, instead of large corporations.

The Socialistic Left was a member of the Dargun Conference for Moderate and Leftist Unity.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Socialistic Left was founded in 2309 by Charles Austin as a response to some of the more conservative parties. He felt that some parties where leaning too much towards old conservative values and not freedoms he considered essential for all humans to have.

The first election Edit

The first election of which the Socialistic Left was a part of was held in January 2310. The Socialistic Left then won 8 seats in the senate. This was a victory for the Socialistic Left as they received good support from the people considering that this was their first election. However, it was a small victory that left a bitter aftertaste.

The major winner of the election was the Social Alternative party. This party stands for most of what the Socialistic Left is against, and as such it was a big loss for the party. When asked to comment on the case for local newspapers, Charles Austin, the leader of the Socialistic Left said «This is a sad day for all of Dorvik. However, we will continue our important work, we won't give up!». The Social Alternative alone got 103 seats, giving it alone the majority in the senate. The Dorvik Leftist and Moderate Parties Coalition received 40 seats which is well below what they had in the last period, and gives the coalition very little real power, as the Social Alternative will be able to pass most of its bills alone (with the notable exception of the constitution).

The first precedency Edit

After the collapse of the Social Alternative, the Socialistic Left had a great election. In the election of 2319 the Socialistic Left won the precedency of Dorvik, and 32 of 199 seats in the senate. When asked to comment on this Charles Austin said «This is a great day for freedom in Dorvik. Not only did the Social Alternative collapse, but the Socialistic Left gained the precedency. Thanks to the people of Dorvik for this great opportunity.»

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