Society of the Helatrobus
Leader Lord Xenu
Founded 2256
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters N/A
Nation Selucia
Ideology Helatrobusism
Political Position Undetermined
International Affiliations Selucian Improvement Parties
Colours 9200c2
Website [1]

The Society of the Helatrobus is a political party of the Selucian Empire which is based on the religious ideals of Helatrobusism.

Basics of the Party Edit

The Society of the Helatrobus (SotH) is the political wing of the religion of Helatrobusism, the whole point of SotH is to promote a pratical political version of Helatrobusism on a national scale to help improve the human race as a whole.

Leadership of the Party Edit

The party is lead by a mysterious figure known only as Lord Xenu, on the rare occasions in which Xenu has made public appearances he (or she) has always worn long black robes, a white voice, and a synthesis voice to hide his or her true identity. Beneath Lord Xenu there is the Shadow Cabinet of the Society where the candidates use the names of famous science fiction authors as pseudonyms, the Shadow Cabinet doubles as the Conclave of Elders who do most of the work of running the actual party.

Party Platform Edit

The platform of SotH is a combination of Free Economics and Evolution Guidance which is designed to encourage the growth and maturity of the human race. The reason behind this is to prove to the Helatrobus that the human race has grown up enough to be trusted by the various races of the galaxy, once this has been done the Human Race shall become the latest member race of the Union of Galactic Planets.

Controversies Edit


Elections Edit

  • April 2259: 0 Seats
  • October 2262: 0 Seats
  • April 2266: 38 Seats
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