Solentian Social Republic

Solentia new
Motto Fred och välstånd (peace and prosperity)
Anthem "O Noble Solentia"
Official language Solentian
Capital and Largest City Metapontum (Nord)
Area 927,600 km²
Population 99,635,551 (4153)
Sport Alpine Skiiing
Animal Arctic Fox
Internet TLD .sol
Senate of Solentia
PresidentJalyn Banks, Centrist Party of Solentia
since September 4275
Senate Political groupsMajority:

__ CPS (252)


__ DSPS (96)

__ ASP (59)
Senate Last electionSeptember 4275
Meeting place
Web site
The Solentian Social Republic is a country located in Southeast Majatra. Within Solentia, there are five states: Pine, Nord, Winterhold, Frostland, and Elsa.

As of 4279, there are four active political parties: Austonean Socialists, Democratic Socialist Party, Centrists of Solentia, and Anarco Capitalist Party.

Jalyn Banks's President Government 4275–Present
Name Party Portfolio
Jalyn Banks Centrist Party of Solentia Head of Government
Keiran Haroldson Centrist Party of Solentia Foreign Affairs
Torleif Reinersten Anarcho Capitalist Party Internal Affairs
Vanessa Lewis Centrist Party of Solentia Finance
Benjamin Vogel Centrist Party of Solentia Defence
Sigrid Gäa Austonean Socialist Party Justice
vacant N/A Infrastructure and Transport
Kimberly Taggart Centrist Party of Solentia Health and Social Services
Alexia Gurst Centrist Party of Solentia Education and Culture
Bill Kype Austonean Socialist Party Science and Technology
Igne Stennes Anarco Capitalist Party Food and Agriculture
vacant N/A Environment and Tourism
Darell Ayton Centrist Party of Solentia Trade and Industry

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