Solentian Social Republic

Solentian Flag 4298
Flag of Solentia

Victoria aut morte (Solentian)
("Victory or death")

Anthem "O Noble Solentia"
(and largest city)
Language Solentian
Ethnic Group Solentian
Demonym Solentian
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
  Legislature Senate
President Edward Long (SNPP)
Chair of the Senate Jens Borg (Liberal Democrats)
Population 99,541,655 (as of 4298) 
Currency Solentian Dollar
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .sol

The Solentian Social Republic is a country located in Southeast Majatra. Its five states span from the Republic of Kalopi-Siphina to the Sea of Lost Souls, covering 927,000 square kilometers. Solentia has a generally temperate climate, however, its southern regions are known for their cold winters. Solentia is densely populated, with its 96.62 million people situated mainly in the western flatlands of the country. It is a highly urbanized country, with 78 percent of its citizens concentrated in cities. Its capitol is Metapontum, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Meatpontum, Pinara, and Akra. ((insert history summary here))

Solentia is a federal presidential democracy that affords limited autonomy to its states.


Main article: History of Solentia

Prehistoric EraEdit

During the Prehistoric Era, Solentia was populated by the Kai'Nai, an indigenous race of hunter-gatherers that emerged in the Kai'Nai river basin in Fuwan. The Kai'Nai died out around 20,000 BCE for unexplained purposes.

Archaic EraEdit


The First RepublicEdit

The Archonic EraEdit

The Veiled EraEdit

Contemporary EraEdit

The Solentian Social Republic was founded in

Geography and ClimateEdit

Government and politicsEdit


Politics and elections

Foreign relationsEdit

Administrative divisionsEdit

Solentia is divided into five administrative divisions, called States. Each state is treated


Law enforcementEdit


Main article: Economy of Solentia





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