Category: Alliance Drafted on: February 2111 Proposed By: New Passive Militarist Party
The members of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation ( SOTO ) declare agreement to the following:
  1. Non-aggression between SOTO members
  2. To install embassies in each member's capital
  3. No involvement in the internal affairs of other members
  4. Mutual sea patrols to keep the sea free of piracy and smugglers
Members of the South Ocean Treaty Organisation (SOTO) may be every nation to the west of the Quanzar Emirate and south of the Selucian Empire (including both nations).
Any part of this treaty may be ammended with the approval of a 2/3 majority of the signatories.


NationDate of Ratification
Cildanian Republic July 2124
State of Indrala September 2176
Disputed Territories of Beiteynu and Gran Tadraki June 2178
Independent Wantuni Republic August 2178
Republic of Mordusia September 2201
Union of Vanuku August 2208
Repubblica Istaliana November 2317
Federal Republic of Solentia September 2535

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