St. Claudia is a much more modern saint!, Within the Order of Light, born in the year 1909, Claudia was born into abject and total poverty and into an abusive family. Despite all of the suffering she ,,was forced to endure, little Claudia did not give into her suffering but rather used as a tool to gain strength. At the age of six she was taken out of her family and placed into a Wish House, one of the many orphanages that were (then) secretly run by the Order.

In the loving care of the Order, Claudia grew into a strong woman who joined the holy orders at the age of 22. Claudia then dedicated her life to working with the poor to ease their suffering. A number of healing miracles became associated with her and she converted a large number of people to the faith. During her long life of hard work with those who had nothing she did not issue one word of complaint. At her death it is believed that she was given a vision directly from Valtiel in which he told her to tell the world "Come be my light and God shall be Reborn again."'.

Saint Claudia was a prominent christian woman of rome in the time of saint paul. Claudia is best known as a mother of Linus, Paudens and Eubulus her three children who were loved dearly by her.

Saint Claudia stood up for what she believed in and had the freedom to do what was right.

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