Association of the Guardians of the Sultanate

جمعية حراس السلطنة

Jameiat Hurras al-Sultana

Association of the Guardians of the Sultanate Alt

Seal of the Guards AGS Flag

Flag of the Guards

Party Leader
Waail al-Arif
29th December 4330
al-Kasraj (Abi'nadi)
Student Wing
Majatran Student Guards
Youth Wing
Majatran Youth Guards

Pan-Majatranism Populism

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The Association of the Guardians of the Sultanate (جمعية حراس السلطنة (MA) translit; Jameiat Hurras al-Sultana; commonly known by supporters as al-Hurras, and by non-supporters as Jameiat), is a political organisation in the Federation of Kafuristan.

Formed officially on the 29th December 4330, it's members seek the creation of a pan-Majatran Sultanate, who's territory includes the present states of Badara and Kafuristan, ruled by the House of Kufi, last descendants of the House of al-Shabab.

It regards the current Federation as illegitimate, and hence doesn't run in current Chancellor elections.


The Association was founded during pro monarchy protests in al-Kasraj following controversial policies from the Green Union Government. Mullah Waail al-Arif, who was present at the protests, declared the House of Kufi the legitimate heirs to the Kingdom of Kafuristan, and declared that he would not rest until they took their rightful place on the Kafuri throne.

The Association has since been involved in peaceful protests throughout the country, and have carried out various rallies in order to increase public support and raise awareness of their proposals. It made it's first formal declaration to the Federal Assembly in May 4331, with the Platform of the Guards.

Ideology and BeliefsEdit

The Association's main aim at present is to build a semi-constitutional secular monarchy in Kafuristan. The head of state would be de-jure the Sultan of Kafuristan, however the de-facto head of state would be the elected office of the Governor, an advisor to the Sultan who would run the country in the Sultan's name. The current position of Chancellor would serve as the new head of government.

The Association is an outwardly populist organisation. However, there is a good chance that due to it's monarchistic nature the Association would serve as the Political wing of the monarchy and nobility in the event of a Sultanate being established.


The Association has a fairly decentralized organisational structure due to its mainly activist base.

An elected leader serves as the figurehead of the organisation, the current leader being Waail al-Arif. The leader is elected by popular vote from Association members.

A National Guards Council serves as the main decision making body. Members of the Council are appointed by the leader.

Electoral ResultsEdit


Federal Assembly

Election Popular Vote Seats Outcome
Votes  % # Parliament +/–
4263 23,068,757 43.78 #1
91 / 205
Increase91 In Opposition