TQ Group
Type Caizu
Founded 4198
Founder Tang Wu

Qi Zedong

Headquarters Tian'an, Indrala
Industry Conglomerate
Products Optical lenses, synthetic diamonds, telecom, financial services, insurance, electronics, food and beverages
Services Banking, retail, hospitality, telecommunication software, commodity trading, real estate development
Owner Tang Family (52.8%)

Qi Family (18.6%)

Employees 309,900
Subsidiaries TiqiTalk, TQ Bank, BÖNNING Car Factory (6%)

TQ Group, formerly the Tang-Qi Group, is a multinational caizu conglomerate holding company headquarted in Indrala. It comprises numerous affiliated businesses, most of them united under the TQ brand, and is one of the largest conglomerates in Indrala (behind Xiandai Group).

History Edit

TQ Group began as a humble trading company in Mudanwan, Min in 4198, and quickly grew to become one of the nation's largest companies, expanding to sectors including hospitality, real-estate development, consumer electronics, app development, finance. Following the government's financial sector de-regulations, 820,000+ customers have opened banking accounts with the new TQ Bank, accepting deposits of nearly $354m INS in the first three days. Part of this is due to TQ's ability to utilize Tiqi Corp, the TQ-owned provider of the country’s most widely used digital messenger platform TiqiTalk. TQ Bank has enabled account opening via the app – without visiting a bank branch – using a mobile phone number and an ID.


Assets Edit

Operating subsidiaries Edit

Company Sector Ownership % Value Notes
TiqiTalk Social Media and Internet 100% ~$7.4 Billion Indrala's largest instant messaging platform used by 93% of Indralan smartphone users.
TQ Bank Insurance and Finance 100%
TQ Electronics Consumer Electronics,

Semiconductors and Household Appliances

88.9% ~$204 Billion
TQ Culture and Entertainment Music, television and film production 100% ~$5.1 Billion Often referred to as TQ C&E.
TQ Trading Trading company 100% Focuses on trading industrial commodities such as chemicals, steel, and natural resources.
TQ Hospitality Hotels, resorts and spas 90%
TQ Cinemas Cinemas 89.8%
TQ Construction and Land Solutions Construction, architecture and building materials 100% Often referred to as TQ C&LS
TQ World Amusement Park 84.4% Indrala's largest amusement park, located in Kaizhou, Jiaozhi
TQ Assurance Insurance 100%
TQ Food Food products, confectionery 100%
Huzhengjiu Alcoholic beverages, liquor 94.6%

Notable Minor holdings Edit

Company Sector Ownership % Value Record date Notes
BÖNNING Car Factory Automotives 6% $170 Million 4332
MateShipping Trading company 25% 4383[1] Held under TQ Trading.
YM Entertainment Media 15.4% 4390 Held under TQ C&E.
Kaizhou Inquirer Media Group Media 11.8%
Jiaozhi Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast radio and television 18.3%
Mugunghwa Group Conglomerate 11%

References Edit

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