This is the fundamental chart of the Terran Olympic Association.



Category:  ? Drafted on: December 2180 Proposed By: Primary Party
  1. Olympic games are to be held every 20 years to allow time for getting prepared
  2. All countries are welcome to compete as long as this treaty is ratified
  3. Each nation has an equal vote on who can host the next Olympics, a majority takes it
  4. Meeting shall occur in the nation hosting the event
  5. There shall be a summer Olympics and winter Olympics held 10 years apart (thus each every 20 years)
  6. Votes to decide next host country shall be done at least 20 years before next event (time is 20 years to allow everyone to vote on location and for getting prepared)
  7. A city that wishes to host must present a presentation to the association, which members then take a vote on. The make up of this presentation would be the choice of the bidding cities team.
  8. The vote takes place 25 years before the Olympiad, with voting deadline the year of the next Olympiad, thus 5 years to vote. The winner will then be announced at the beginning of that Olympiad.
Time scale:
City bids deadline = 15 years after last Olympics
Voting = 15-20 years after last Olympics (5 years to vote)
  1. In the event of a draw for the last 2 cities, Head of organisation would have vote
  2. This vote will be done on this forum, as well as other key information


NationDate of Ratification
Federated Hegemony of New Endralon January 2182
State of Indrala March 2182
Union of Vanuku March 2182
Disputed Territories of Beiteynu and Gran Tadraki July 2182
Republic of Egelion August 2182
Democratic Republic of Aloria August 2182
Dolgarian Empire September 2182
Telamon Commonwealth October 2182
United Majatran Republic of Socialist Al'Badara December 2182
Selucian Empire December 2182
Republic of Hobrazia May 2183
Dynastic Commonwealth of Pontesi and Gran Tadraki July 2183
United Tribes of Tukarali July 2183
Jelbé Isràé Krsyigad September 2183
Free Republic of Dorvik November 2183
Commonwealth of Rutania February 2184
The Free Axis Mundi Republic of Central Likatonia December 2184
Christian Duchy of Keymon May 2185
Union of Saridani Socialist Republics June 2185
Hegemonic Empire of Solentia September 2185
The Most Serene Commonwealth of Malivia June 2186
Republic of Trigunia August 2188
Republic of Aldegar February 2189
Federal Republic of Kalistan January 2191
Independent Wantuni Republic May 2191
Independent Davostan Republic June 2192
Cildanian Republic October 2194
Republic of Cobura August 2196
Republic of Mordusia September 2201
Republic of Dranland July 2202
Five Nations of Lodamun February 2204
Union of Sekowo July 2210
The Most Royal and Serene Kingdom of Hutori October 2227
Democratic Republic of Ikradon April 2233
République populaire d'Alduria (Union Française) October 2239
Republic of Gishoto March 2289
Free Democratic Union of Kirlawa September 2291
Confédération des Deux Kanjors April 2299
Kundrati Union December 2299
Dundorf Demokratische Republik August 2313
Repubblica Istaliana August 2316