The Anti-Urban Youth Initiative was formed to pressurise government into combatting the growing scourge of society that is "urban youth culture". They are opposed to the following principles :

  1. The bastardisation of national language e.g. "What's up dawg?", "Let's bounce" or "That shit is whack!"
  2. The proliferation of "urban art" or graffiti as it is known by the educated.
  3. Obnoxious little cretins spitting or swearing openly in public.
  4. General littering and in particular the callous "disposal" of gum.
  5. Random acts of vandalism or petty crime.
  6. The lack of respect shown towards the public in general, police and other emergency forces.
  7. The "Happy Slapping" phenomenon.
  8. Drunken brawls and other incidents involving the excessive consumption of alcohol by lightweights.

They are favour of an active police force being given the powers to strictly enforce anti-social behaviour laws coupled with harsh punishment for offenders. They would also favour a return to corporal punishment in and out of schools with flogging universally accepted as an enforcement tool.

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