Category: Alliance Drafted on: September 2151 Proposed By: Bátory Dynastia
The Axis agreement
A loose alliance of powerful, likeminded nations, arranged in the interests of preventing efforts by moralistic and self-righteous nations to impose their wills and morals on our national sovereignty.
Article 1
Non-Agression Pacts shall be signed between each member of The Axis, valid up until the withdrawel of the Axis Agreement. Axis nations excerting aggression towards their fellow Axis nations will face ejection from the Axis, and possible military intervention.
Article 2
No mutual protection pacts will be required for admittance into the Axis, but as a minor show of solidarity, all nations are expected to offer token aid to other Axis allies in times of hostility.
Article 3
No Axis nation shall attempt to interfere with the national sovereignty of another; except in cases of hostility between signatory nations.
Article 4
Trade between Axis nations is not a requirement, but to enter into an embargo of a fellow Axis Nation will be grounds for ejection from the Agreement.
Article 5
No Axis Nation will enter into a mutual protection pact with a Non-Axis member without an explicit cause stating that they are free from obligation to declare war on any Axis Nation.


NationDate of Ratification
Second Republic of Aldegar October 2580
Gerajan Protectorates of Malivia February 2583
Holy Luthori Empire December 2587
Trigunskaya Bezbozhnaya Oligarchiya September 2592
Deltárske Knyažestvohttp March 2630
Repubblica Istaliana January 2686
Federation of Zardugal January 2739
Republic of Cobura June 2747
Republic of Endralon June 2761
Republic of Egelion December 2770
Hobrazian Imperium April 2776
Medinat Yeudi Hadash haBeiteynu November 2784
Greater Mordusian Empire October 2790
Republica Nou Endralon January 2793
Commonwealth of Barmenia March 2806

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