New Monarchy Party
Leader Kristofferus von Vorman
Founded November 2313
Headquarters Imhetella
Nation The Most Royal Serene Kingdom of Hutori
Political Ideology Conservative-Libertarian Monarchist
Political Position Right-Leaning Radical Centrist
Primary International Affiliation International Monarchist League
Secondary International Affliations Right To Bear Arms Alliance
Colours Dark Blue, Red, White and Black

The New Monarchy Party is a political movement in the Kingdom of Hutori. Their membership are primarily members of The Traditionalist Lutheran Church, and the Party is allied with that Church, politically.


The NMP wishes to see a new era in Hutori, a golden age, brought on by a return to traditionalism. They wish to see a resurgence in Christianity, and return to morality, and they wish to combat various acts of Liberalism that have been put into our nation's legislature by activists, acting without the will of the people.

Our goals for legislation include:

  • Removing Women from the army
  • Repealing the ID card legislation; No ID cards!
  • Repealing the Nationalization of the Defense Industry legislation; No Nationalized Industries!
  • Repealing the Child Labour Legislation; No Child Labourers!
  • Lowering the taxes on profits made by private corporations
  • Gated Communities should be allowed
  • The operation and funding of the police department should be left to the local government
  • Police should carry standard firearms
  • Homeschooling should be permitted
  • The Internet should be completely unregulated by the government
  • Recycling should not be mandatory
  • All activities related to production, selling or researching of GM crops should be banned
  • Only heterosexual couples and singles should be allowed to adopt children
  • All individuals should be allowed to own firearms under any circumstances
  • We should impose Tariffs and quotas in certain areas of the economy
  • Nuclear Plants should not be permitted
  • Renewable energy should be researched
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