The Titoistic Communist Party/Radical Socialists/Socialist Farmer List is the name of the Zuman Independence Party before the party reforms by Tintin Haxa. The party was established to free Zuma from the Valruzian occupation.

History Edit

The TCP was created by the merging of many many regional parties across the federation in 2063. Parties that merged into the TCP:

  • Arglon: Arglon Radical Socialists, Wacky Loony Party
  • Bandorra: The Bandorra Socialist Party, many high ranking members of the Bandorra Fishermen Union, the Zuman Independence Party
  • Dugathan: Radical Farmer Party, Dugathan Workingmen's Party, Silly Hat Party
  • Hulbark: The Radical Left Party, The Progressive People's Party, Naughty Isolatonist Party
  • Tirkalara: Eccentric Farmer List, Revoulutionary Leftist Party, the Zuman Inpendence Party

The party bases it policy on the teachings of Almhod Tito, and are for a peaceful Zuman independence. The party first took the name Titoistic Communist Party but altered it to Radical Socialists after the early election of December 2069. The new name was pushed through by the Valonian and Ruzian wings which felt it more truly reflects the party's politics. But the Zuman wing's fury over the name change got the old name back quick.

Another name change took place on the annual party conference of 2087 to Socialist Farmer List. This was kept until the Tintin Haxa Reforms and the Zuman Independence Party.

Election Results Edit

  • Before the election in 2065 the party's Chairman and Presidential Candidate Sverre Grønn was hit by a bus, he died a few hours later at the Tirkalara State Hospital in Nuzria. The TCP therefore did not run for presidency.

Election Seats Seat Percentage Presidential Candidate(bold if victorious) 2065 31 18% None* 2067 40 23% Ignatius Haraldsson 2069 18 10% Ignatius Haraldsson 2072 31 18% Sverre Grantjernsmoen 2075 48 27% Sverre Grantjernsmoen 2078 53 30% Sverre Grantjernsmoen 2081 56 32% Sverre Grantjernsmoen 2083 52 30% Sverre Grantjernsmoen 2086 46 36% Sverre Grantjernsmoen 2087 41 23% Sverre Grantjernsmoen

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