The Totalitarian Coalition is the informal name for the coalition between nearly all the major Solentian parties: most notably the Vánioka Dynastia and the Nuncirist Party.


The Totalitarians form the current Government, with a Nuncirist, Deus, the Emperor, and the Cabinet entirely made up of Nuncirists (from two parties) and Vániokas.


Members of the Totalitarian Coalition are the Vánioka Dynastia, the Nuncirist Party, the Nunciro-Totalitarian Front, the AM Nuncirist Homeland Solentia Party, and the Vox Populi. This means that there is only one party not in the Coalition holding seats in the Parliament, the Civic Platform, following the collapse of the Happy Solentian party which had formerly dominated Solentian politics.



Solentia in the 2208 elections. Totalitarians are crimson, others are green.

In the 2308 elections, the Totalitarians won an 81% majority, which demonstrated clear popular support. They are expected to do well in following elections, but this clearly demonstrates a high point. With their proposal to extend term time they hope to hold on to power as long as possible, but if trends continue they will entirely make up the Parliament within a quarter of a century. Advanced brainwashing techniques are also employed to encourage people to vote for them.

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