This treaty was drafted in November 2105 by the Ducal Delegation.


Protecting endangered animals from extinction is a world-wide issue that demands a world-wide response. This treaty commits all signatory nations to:

a) Ban the hunting of endangered animals within their own borders.

b) Put pressure upon nations which permit the hunting of endangered animals to change their policies.

c) Promote an awareness, at home and abroad, about the issue of endangered animals.


  1. Hunting endangered animals is illegal


NationDate of Ratification
Republica Baltusia February 2119
Free Republic of Dorvik October 2119
Free Democratic Union of Kirlawa April 2120
Republic of Egelion February 2349
Republic of Aldegar July 2134
Independent Wantuni Republic April 2136
Bundesrepublik Dundorf July 2397
Democratic Republic of Ikradon June 2186
Jelbé Isràé Krsyigad July 2304
Republic of Endralon March 2311
United Tribes of Tukarali January 2318
Commonwealth of Rutania August 2410
Republica Istaliana April 2419
Valruzian Federation April 2453

Treaty WithdrawalEdit

NationDate of Withdrawal
United Tribes of Tukarali March 2382
Jelbé Isràé Krsyigad August 2445
Independent Wantuni Republic April 2448
Democratic Republic of Ikradon Unknown
Republican of Endralon Unknown

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