Trigunian National Party
711608762 l
Leader Karl Commenus
Founded 2302
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Rosterdam - Chadonia
Nation Trigunia
Ideology Radical Nationalism
Political Position Right
International Affiliations Radical Nationalists
Free Market
Colours Purple
Website None

History Edit

The Trigunian Unionist Party was formed in 2302 in response to a lack of effective opposition to the Tirgith Populus Party. Although originally called the Romani Party and focusing on a single issue (the restoration of classical culture), it was subsequently decided that the Party should try and appeal to a broader church. In the 2304 elections the Trigunian Unionist Party won 89 seats and used its position to its own advantage; convincing the Trigunia Social Democratic Party to compromise on certain issues in exchange for suppor. However, the Social Democratic Party simply vanished from politics after one year of Government.

Elections were held in March 2305 and the Trigunian Unionist Party won a satisfactory majority, above 50% of the national parliament's seats. It is now continuing the reforms it made during the reign of the Social Democratic Party, yet now there is no need for compromise.

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