United Party of Beluzia
Party Leader
November 11th, 4167
Union Hill, Iliather, Beluzia
Student Wing
United Students of Beluzia
Youth Wing
United Children of Beluzia
International Affiliation
Environmental Protection Organization

United Against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons

Civil Rights Council
Official Color
Political Position
95 / 750
1 / 5
Politics in Beluzia
Political Parties in Beluzia
Elections in Beluzia

History Edit

The United Party of Beluzia (UPB) was founded in 4167. The UPB held almost no power, and could only endorse ideas in the Beluzian National Congress, until the Beluzian National Election, 4171 which gave the party its first 121 seats. Since than the party has been a top force in the politics of Beluzia. John Fredrickson chairs the party and was its nominee for president for many elections.

Party Leadership Edit

Name Position Year Appointed Term Ended
John Fredrickson Chairman. 4167 Incumbent
Susan Florence Secretary 4167 4200
Evert Olson Secretary 4200 Incumbent
Johnathan Washington Treasuer 4200 Incumbent
John Lawerence Deputy Chair 4186 Incumbent
Caleb Johnson Party Congressional Leader 4171 41731
Summer Read Party Congressional Leader 4173 4182
Jess Young Party Congressional Leader 4182 incumbent

Note: There was no Congressional Leader between 4176 and 4171 due to the party having no seats in the congress.

1 =Resigned when appointed to cabinet.

Electoral History Edit

Beluzian National Congress Edit

Year Seats Percent of Seats Gain/Loss Total Votes Congressional Leader
4169 0 0 None 82,508 None
4171 121 16.31 Increase121 9,553,975 Caleb Johnson
4175 193 25.73* Increase72 16,584,424 Summer Read
4176 195 26 Increase2 16,508,710 Summer Read
4180 124 16.55 Decrease71 10,173,840 Summer Read
4182 139 18.53 Increase15 11,549,370 Jess Young
4186 77 10.46 Decrease62 5,770,314 Jess Young
4190 100 13.33 Increase23 7,495,208 Jess Young
4194 123 16.4 Increase23 9,431,138 Jess Young
4198 95 12.67 Decrease28 7,160,915 Jess Young

*= Majority Party

President of Beluzia Edit

Year Candidate First Round Votes Second Round Votes Endorsements
4169 John Fredrickson 89,288(.14%) N/A None
4171 John Fredrickson 10,982,035(18.32%) N/A None
4175 John Fredrickson 16,619,366(25.98%) 23,573,230(42.18%) None
4176 John Fredrickson 17,201,037(27.38%) N/A None
4180 Steve Lawrence 13,561,697(21.71%) N/A None
4182 Steve Lawrence 13,731,627(22.38%) N/A None
4186 John Fredrickson 9,694,589(16.77%) N/A1 None
4190 John Fredrickson 9,570,510(16.05%) N/A None
4194 Steve Lawrence 11,395,474(19.13%) N/A None
4198 John Fredrickson 9,795,385(16.85%) N/A BRRP

1=Endorsed BRRP canidate

Beluzian Government Positions Edit

Name Position Term
Phil Chapman Minister of Foreign Affairs 1st: 4176-4183


Will Lawson Minister of Justice 4176-4183
Blake Moss Minister of Infrastructure and Transport 4176-4183
Jonathan Washington Minister of Finance 1st: 4173-4176

2nd: 4183-4186

Susan Jackson Minister of Science and Technology 1st: 4173-4186

2nd: 4199-

Caleb Johnson Minister of Environment and Tourism 4173-4183
Amy Hayes Minister of Health and Social Services 4195-4199
Jodi Higgins Minister of Trade and Industry 4183-

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