Unity, freedom, and prosperity is the national anthem of the Democratic Republic of Gaduridos.


Unity, freedom and prosperity
for the Gaduri land;
This lets us all pursue,
life with heart and hand.
Unity, freedom and prosperity,
are the pledge of happiness.
Flourish in this nation's glory,
flourish, our great land.

Gaduridos, Gaduridos above all,
above all that attempts to oppress us,
when always, faced with hardship,
we stand together as citizens.
From South Vintalli to Pernessia,
from Marligantos to North Vintalli,
Gaduridos, Gaduridos above all,
above anything in the world.

Gaduridos, Gaduridos above all,
and during disaster more than ever,
only in disaster can we,
show we are loyal and true;
So shall our nation continue,
despite vicissitude.
Gaduridos, Gaduridos above all,
and during disaster more than ever.

Gaduridos, Gaduridos our home,
We are provided for by you.
Our oppurtunities are endless.
Here, our dreams come true.
And despite vicissitude,
So shall our nation continue.
Gaduridos, Gaduridos our home,
Great is our prosperity.

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