University of Largonia
Universitäten Layern
Type Public
Founded 27 September 3580
Headquarters Merten Krauß Building
Director Ermentraude Buchterkirch (as of 4045)
Chancellor Kriemhild Schmalz (as of 4045)

The University of Largonia (Dundorfian: Universitäten Largonia) is a public university system located in Largonia, Dorvik. The University of Largonia was established to meet the educational policy to provide greater access to free post-secondary university study. The University of Largonia system is currently one of the youngest university institutions in Artania, with its campuses currently still underconstruction, though parts of the universities have opened for study.

The University of Largonia system was established in conjunction with three other state university systems by a federal act of legislation aimed at emulated the successful State Universities of Kordusia system, which is the primary established university system in the country. The University of Largonia is unique in its approach to build "rennaissance" students: well rounded graduates with some basis in breadth of subjects along with their specialization.

Universities and CollegesEdit

  • University of Schwarzenbüren
    • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Großengeismar School of Applied Sciences
  • Weinsedorf University
    • Weinsedorf University School of Law
    • Weinsedorf University School of Medicine
    • Weinsedorf University School of Agriculture and Natural Studies
  • Saalfeld Institute of Public Administration and Policy
  • Grenzmark Economics Institute