Valonia refers to the archaic region of Valruzia consisting of modern-day Tormaszek, Kampania, and northern Wielkowalruzja.

Historically, the Volon originated in northwestern Wielkowalruzja, and moved north to encompass Kampania, then west into Zuma, where they replaced the Zuman language with Old Volonian but maintained the Zuman culture. Shortly after their conquest of Zuma, they spread southwest into Małowalruzja, where they established the Grey Volon Aranhdyat.

Valonia, came into existance rather recently, as the Union of Volonia. After the Vurlun state gained its independence from Zuma, its ruler Bandor had sought the protection of Dugathan against the Arglonese. When Bandor died in 1440, his successor renamed his kingdom "Bandorra", and sought perpetual union with Dugathan.

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